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Keap is Jerome’s “one-stop shop” for sales and marketing automation

Automation smoothly drives the entire customer journey.

Jerome Davis


Jerome Davis

  • Generated 50,000 emails with web forms
  • Saved dozens of hours per month with automation
  • Generated more revenue with Advanced Automations

Urban Professionals and Black Couples Getaways at a glance


Multimedia Marketing & Event Production

In Business

Since 2010






Buford, Georgia, USA

Their Story

Jerome Davis calls himself a marriage saver.

His trailblazing vision built the largest business site for urban professionals in the United States. As one of the very first African American online networking companies, Urban Professionals provides a clearing house of information to promote local community events and connect online.

That business segued into BlackCouplesGetaways.com, providing fun-filled opportunities for African American couples to escape from the daily grind and connect with their significant others at lively locations around the world.

“Our customers relax, relate, recharge, and intermingle with like-minded people,” Jerome says. “People think your fun meter dies when you get married, but we have proven that married couples can party like everybody else.”

The stats tell the story. This multi-million dollar business adds 150 to 200 members every day to its Facebook group. Their large clientele of affluent black professionals meet in a wide range of fun destinations. And Black Couples Getaways has nimbly sidestepped the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting “Covid-free events.”

However, Jerome realized company growth was outpacing his “old school” marketing methods. Where was the reliable one-stop CRM shop that could manage his company’s phenomenal expansion?

Moment of truth

Jerome easily remembers his business’s low-tech beginnings and promotions. “We were wrestling with a snail mail database and poorly organized client information,” Jerome explains.

“We stayed up for hours and hours folding flyers and licking stamps. I can still taste the stamps to this day.”

When email came along, Jerome was a pioneer email list builder. But he wasted valuable time deciphering hand-written forms and manually typing contacts into his database. He knew he needed to automate his processes.

Jerome chose Keap (Infusionsoft back then) because he was looking for a single tool that could do everything he needed, so he wouldn’t have to juggle a lot of different technology. The investment paid off, and he hasn’t looked back.

“I can’t really function without it,” Jerome says. “Keap is the one-stop shop I always needed and finally found.”

Jerome is equally grateful to Keap’s stellar customer support staff who did some early “hand holding” and patiently guided him to success.

The results

“I always thought Keap was ahead of its time and its feature set has anticipated every need,” Jerome says.

Keap has helped the company:

  • Work faster and easier
  • Effortlessly integrate its business operations
  • Dramatically Improve email deliverability
  • Profitably upsell with Advanced Automations
  • Engage more leads with Web Forms
  • Generate increased repeat business

Jerome has mastered the power and ease of Keap’s customer management platform and benefited from these amazing features:

Jerome loves the Stripe integration and how easily it integrates into Keap’s software. He’s confident that his eCommerce backend is secure, safe, and easy to use.

Email templates
These templates allow Jerome to quickly send out expert, great looking email content to new leads and existing customers; “Unlike past CRM systems, I don’t have to wrestle with unwieldy formats.”

Web forms
Jerome has seen tremendous success with a database plug that pops up 15 seconds after customers first view the website, asking for their phone number and email address.

“This is one of the best web forms I’ve ever used,” Jerome notes. “The form has captured over 55,000 high quality leads and built a tremendous database that has paid off many times over.”

Advanced Automations
Jerome’s one word response is “awesome”. Once a customer registers for a getaway, Advanced Automations automatically triggers a series of emails that thank them, then suggest exciting side excursions.

“With timed and triggered emails,” Jerome enthuses, “we’re upselling and encouraging people to add additional trips to simultaneously enhance both their travel experience and our bottom line.”

Automation offers a complete view of the entire customer journey and dramatically reduces time spent on mundane tasks. “Keap is like a smooth humming machine that’s always working behind the scenes,” Jerome says.

“I can be out playing golf and I don’t have to worry about sending out a thank you note. With Automation it’s a done deal. Automation dramatically lowers the amount of time I spend dealing with energy sapping small details.”

“There’s another big automation benefit,” Jerome adds. “More data doesn’t necessarily give you better results. Better data gets better results. Having tons of leads that don’t respond only harms your reputation.”

So, now Jerome is now the mastermind of a $1 million dollar operation with a great game plan for future success. “Keap has definitely changed my business strategy. I truly believe that it’s the key to the company’s growth and outreach.”

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