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Removed slow, manual tasks and won back days in efficiency and productivity.

WBTrading at a glance

Founder(s): William Brown

Industry: Education/Training/Coaching

Employees: 14 (+ Keap)

Joined Keap: 2020

Key Result


business growth



  • Clients slipping through the cracks and not receiving attention and support they needed
  • Investing too many hours performing manual tasks, using spreadsheets, and managing manual labor
  • Difficulty keeping up with purchasing and fulfillment



  • Streamlined communication through tagging and segmentation
  • 30 extra working days a year due to efficiency and productivity improvements
  • Optimized service through automation and organized business structures

Early success

In 2018, William Brown founded WBTrading after gaining early success with investments. Like many, William benefitted from healthy economic conditions at the time. But when his beginner’s luck ran out, William learned the hard way that money can go away even faster than it comes. He realized he needed a more solid strategy for his investing.

William decided to do his research and attended an abundance of training courses, seminars, and portfolio management classes. His dedication eventually paid off, and William started finding success in his new investing endeavors.

“I’m proof that with the right guidance, education, and strategies to implement, investing as a full-time endeavor is possible,” William said.

Although William’s dream of becoming a full-time trader had come true, he started to experience loneliness and boredom from being online all day, isolated from other people. To counteract this, William began sharing his passion for trading on social media.

Eventually, a friend asked William to teach him about investing.

“After doing this for him, a lightbulb went off in my head,” William said. “I realized there are people out there struggling to learn a skill that I have, who need my help.”

William decided he would expand WBTrading to deliver online training, coaching, and strategies on how to succeed with investments.

One training document led to two, then short ebooks, and eventually video courses. His education programs took off, and the next stage of WBTrading was born.

Growing pains set in

When WBTrading began to grow and started using multi-system structures to fulfill their daily business duties, their workload went from doable to chaos very quickly.

Their time was getting eaten up by manual data entry, marketing software issues, and purchase fulfillment challenges. Many hours were dedicated to manual tasks, using spreadsheets, and dealing with manual labor to maintain the business’s success.

WBTrading struggled to handle the overwhelming amount of follow-up needed and messages would often slip through the cracks. Clients were continuously frustrated with the lack of customer service as they did not receive the attention they needed.

WBTrading was eager for change when it came to revenue, growth, gaining their freedom, and most importantly, time back in the day. They didn’t know where to look, but luckily The Business Catalyst came to the rescue with their secret weapon: Keap.

Automation to the rescue

With the assistance of The Business Catalyst, WBTrading got the help it needed to create automation, seamless transactions, and overall business structure that saved valuable hours each week.

By using Keap, The Business Catalyst began to map out their entire customer journey. They streamlined communication, ensured that contacts were correctly segmented, tagged and delivered the online course resources and then ensured that the campaign's email communication did not overlap.

By creating dashboards to track key metrics and identify who and when to send offers to, the cash value and program advanced. The Business Catalyst then ensured that the process was able to identify and manage the engagement of contacts.

Impressive results

WBTrading applied Keap and saw magic take place right in front of them.

“Now that we've fully transitioned to Keap, we have doubled our monthly revenue, increasing our business growth by 140%. We are delighted with the increase in efficiency and how this has impacted our bottom line,” William Brown said.

With the use of Keap and this implementation structure, WBTrading began to run a system with proper automation, data processing, and email strategy. They gained back an hour per day of valuable time, allowing them to work on more important aspects of the business, and most importantly, grow sales even further.

William Brown was thoroughly impressed by Keap and the work that The Business Catalyst had done for WBTrading.

“The team at The Business Catalyst has revolutionized my business. We used to perform so many slow, gray, manual tasks using spreadsheets and manual labor. I had no idea of the impact of proper automation and systems within key aspects such as data-processing and email strategy,” William said.

The Business Catalyst saw its own success by using Keap to increase revenue and growth. Lisa Catto joined Keap in 2012 when they were previously only using spreadsheets to track their activities, and realized Keap offered a better way to organize their business structure to become more efficient. Not long after, Lisa joined the Keap Partner Program to bring the same joy and support to their clients and was awarded International Partner of the Year 2020 and MVP for her territory in 2021.

Ever since taking the leap into joining Keap, The Business Catalyst has served over 100 Keap users and now supports Keap by offering training to partners and participating in automation webinars.

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The Business Catalyst

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“The team at The Business Catalyst has revolutionized my business.” – William Brown

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