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Wholistic Health Boss

How a busy coach with aspirations to travel the world found a healthier work-life balance — all thanks to automation and a Keap Certified Partner.

Wholistic Health Boss at a glance

Founder(s): Jenn Malecha

Industry: Fitness and Wellness

Employees: 3 (+ Keap)

Joined Keap: 2014

Key Result


increase in revenue



  • Limited ability to take on new clients
  • Problems delivering on client expectations
  • Increasing levels of busy work and repetitive tasks



  • Saw an amazing 200% increase in revenue
  • Saved more than 36 hours a month through automation
  • Improved work-life balance, allowing more travel time

Discovering that the health struggle is real

In college, Jenn pursued a degree in nutritional fitness and was ready to help others improve their health. But at the age of 26, she received the news no one wants to hear: She was diagnosed with skin cancer. Unfortunately, this was happening around the same time her mother was battling liver cirrhosis.

This sparked something in Jenn; turning her career path and passion into an all-out mission. She studied, researched, attended countless seminars, and devoured hundreds of books on health — all hoping to find better ways to help people struggling with healthy eating, working out, and not seeing the results they wanted.

Soon after, Jenn’s new business was born: Wholistic Health Boss.

Problems with organization and delivering

Jenn’s business concerns began with her fourth client, making her question whether she could manage the needs and requirements of an entire client base. She was using a spreadsheet and was staying as organized as possible, but still failed constantly on delivering for clients in the way that she intended. Simple tasks became a struggle, making every day feel like the movie Groundhog Day.

"I would sit down to work and would have to spend time refreshing my memory of where everyone was at just to plan what the next step was,” she said, remembering the frustration and confusion of her routine. This process also added unwanted hours to the business day, taking time away from the mission of Wholistic Health Boss.

Jenn felt like she was already failing her clients — and she was just getting started. Wholistic Health Boss needed help, and Virtual Work Wife was ready to answer the call.

Keap + Virtual Work Wife: The perfect marriage

Michelle Bell started Virtual Work Wife in 2005 to help clients find the freedom to focus on the important things in life, like spending time with family, traveling more, and scaling small businesses without staff burnout. Based in San Diego, Michelle had started to help clients all around the world, using Keap’s strategies and tools to help turn entrepreneurs’ passions into manageable success.

This sounded absolutely refreshing to Jenn, who couldn’t even imagine her business thriving without her workload getting even more unhealthy. She met with Virtual Work Wife, and over a period of sessions, they mapped out her ideal customer processes and applied Keap’s Lifecycle Automation business growth framework from start to finish.

Utilizing Keap’s sales and marketing automation, they prioritized leads who were ready to continue the customer journey, started offering the right product for their clients based on activity tracking, and created a hands-on client experience that didn’t require Jenn’s involvement in the details. Keap’s simple automation structure allowed Jenn to gain more time, sales, and peace of mind immediately.

Revenue gets stronger as Jenn starts running the business like a Boss

Jenn found that upselling client memberships allowed Wholistic Health Boss to start generating recurring revenue. This led to an amazing 200% increase in revenue, year over year. Certainly, the money was nice, but Jenn was even happier that her new clients were feeling like their needs were recognized and met.

In addition, Wholistic Health Boss gained back over 36 hours of time every month — simply by eliminating repetitive tasks and busy work. By automating her appointments with Keap, Jenn could limit booking sessions to individuals ready to take the next step as a potential client. Using Keap’s simple logic, she was able to offer appointments to only the most qualified buyers while still offering informative content to educate and cultivate less qualified leads.

It also meant only allowing clients to book sessions when they were actually prepared and ready to complete each phase of her program, creating a more satisfying customer experience.

Before she knew it, Jenn was spending less time dealing with client follow-up and more time getting stamps in her passport. “I can travel the world stress-free, because I know my business is running itself, my clients are engaged, and they are grateful for the personal attention they receive.”

Winning plays used by Wholistic Health Boss

Virtual Work Wife

Michelle Bell is the CEO and Founder of Virtual Work Wife and a Keap Ignition Partner — as well as an online marketing strategist, trainer, coach and speaker.

She has spent nearly two decades working with clients to reduce overhead costs, improve customer experiences, build their brands, nail their niche, and scale their businesses so they can spend less time working and more time with the people they love.

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“I went from 19 clients to 36 in less than 60 days without having to put in an extra minute of work!” – Jenn Malecha

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