Hassle-free scheduling

With Appointments, sending a link is all it takes. Your clients pick an available time to meet while you move on with your day.


Say bye to the back-and-forth

Set up your calendar, email the link, and see how easy it is to schedule and manage appointments. No more time-consuming calls, emails, or text messages.

Screenshot of the software, creating a booking page

No more mix-ups or no-shows

Once a time’s booked, a confirmation email gets sent and your Google Calendar is updated automatically. Everyone is on the same page and properly prepared.

Screenshot of the software, showing how an appointment email is sent automatically

Get the most out of every meeting

Appointments is built into Keap, giving you one place to access your customer or prospect data, notes, and calendar before the big meeting.

Screenshot of your calendar, showing the appointment automatically created

See how it works

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