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Never lose another lead with Keap Business Line

44% of leads don’t hire slow-to-respond businesses and 0% of entrepreneurs want to answer the phone 24/7. Keap Business Line is the solution to take back your freedom.

Graphic of screenshots from the Keap Business Line

What the Keap Business Line will do for your business

A business number added to your existing smartphone. That’s just the beginning.

Illustration of cell phone number pad, showing a green check mark above the number pad.

Two numbers, one phone, zero confusion

Your personal and business numbers share a device and you'll always know which one callers are trying to reach.

Illustration of cell phone with message bubble coming out of the screen.

Automatic responses

Convert more leads even while you're away using automatic replies, personalized follow up and group messaging.

Illustration of bottom half of a cell phone with folder icons on the screen.

Organize and access data on the go

Access all your client info, and tag new leads to trigger automations anytime from your Keap mobile app.

Illustration a stack of receipts with a dollar sign on the top of the receipt.

More sales with less chaos

Jot down notes, set up tasks, and even schedule appointments from your phone.

The mobile app lets me run my business from my phone. You can send appointment links for lightning-fast response to prospective or current clients after calls.

— Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, GCDF

Keap Business Line and mobile app sync with your desktop app instantly

Whether you’re at your desk, on the road, or meeting another lead. Keap Business Line seamlessly syncs to your desktop so you never miss a beat (or a potential client):

Picture of a laptop and a hand holding a cell phone. Both showing the business line page in the app.

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