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Know your message is actually being read with Keap’s Text Marketing

The open rate for texts is a whopping 94%, better than email or any other medium. Using Keap’s CRM with text messaging, you’ll connect with clients more easily and close even more deals.

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Graphic of a woman receiving a confirmation via text message Graphic of a woman receiving a confirmation via text message

How small businesses grow with sales and marketing automation

Automated texts do the work for you

Minimize time spent on busy work. Maximize your ability to reach engaged leads through personalized messages. With Keap’s CRM with texting, you can accomplish both when you add automated text messaging to your ongoing marketing strategies and tactics.

Graphic showing an automated text message being sent after a lead form is submitted

Text broadcasts can increase your reach instantly

You need every advantage to turn a client’s attention into a sale, rather than a missed opportunity. Keap’s CRM with texting helps you reach audiences easily with templates, link shortening, and automatic opt-in.

Graphic showing a text broadcast to all webinar attendees

Personalized marketing gets even more powerful in text

Graphic showing a woman receiving personalized text messages

Stay focused on the details that matter to you

It helps to know that so much is available within the app to support your text marketing strategy:

  • Built-in compliance
  • Customizable opt-in messaging
  • In-app reporting
  • Available strategy courses and coaching
  • All accessible in Keap’s CRM with text messaging
Graphic showing an automation being built on a laptop
I don't need to worry about being compliant with my text marketing, I know Keap has it covered.

Diana Frerick - Agency 8 Digital Marketing

Did you know that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes?

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is text marketing free with Keap’s software?

    Applicable Keap plans include monthly text marketing messages. Any additional messages are billed at a rate of $0.04 / text message. The included text messages reset every month with your billing cycle and do not roll over from month to month. You are only charged for content messages, not opt-in or auto-reply messages.

    Pro: 150 text messages included monthly

    Max: 250 text messages included monthly

    Read more about each product’s included text messages here.

  • How does text marketing integrate with the CRM’s other features like email or sales and marketing automation?

    By coupling texting with a CRM, entrepreneurs and small businesses have the ability to leverage a range of features not possible through a standalone text marketing software.

    Use Keap’s text marketing with merge fields to personalize texts with customer data, segment broadcasts, store texting history in one centralized place, and automate text marketing based on email and sales behavior.

  • Does Keap’s CRM with text messaging allow for mass texts to my customers?

    Full text broadcast (mass texting) and automation functionalities are currently available in Keap Pro and Keap Max.

  • Can people reply to my automated text messages?

    When a contact replies to your Keap Marketing Number from a text message broadcast or automated text message, an automatic reply message is sent to that contact.

    With Keap, you can customize your automatic reply messages and include a phone number, email address, or other contact point that works best for your business.

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