Best CRM

Chapter 01: Best CRM

What Should I Look for in a CRM?

Choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) software is an important business decision. Not only is it a sizeable investment in terms of cost, it will also dictate how your team engages with leads and customers. The right CRM tool has the potential to save hours each week; the wrong tool can add unnecessary overhead and processes, slowing you down.

Before we dive into our recommendations for the best CRM for small businesses and the best CRM tools for sales teams, let’s look at some basic criteria:

  • Easy to use
  • Customization capabilities
  • Integrations with the tools you use everyday
  • Automation features to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks
  • Real-time reporting
  • Helpful customer support
  • Access on the go with a mobile app
  • Scales with your business

Best CRM for Small Business

As your business grows, so do your CRM needs. Once you’ve moved past the start-up stage and are running a small business, you need a more holistic CRM tool, like Infusionsoft, that also offers email marketing, invoicing, appointments, and more.

Infusionsoft is designed to get work done intelligently, saving you time and alleviating stress. It lets you manage your customers and your business in one place. You’ll be more organized, spending less time on repetitive tasks and more time on creating a personalized experience for your customers.

Some of the most popular features include:

  • A CRM that lets you organize information and daily work in one place.
  • Create invoices and connect your bank with Infusionsoft to help you get paid faster.
  • Schedule and manage appoints by sending an online link so customers to choose from your available meeting times.
  • Deliver personalized, reliable services with marketing and sales automation, allowing you to send emails, create landing pages, or share custom quotes.

Best CRM Tools for Sales

A CRM tool can benefit every team in your organization: marketing, customer service, operations, or finance. However, it can especially make an impact for your sales team, allowing them to have one go-to place to store all prospect and customer information.

Here are the best CRM tools for sales based on company size.

Zoho - Best CRM tool for startup sales teams

For companies with a handful of employees and less than $100,000 in revenue, Zoho is the CRM for you. It lets you prioritize your sales activities, track sales, and engage with your customer via various channels. You can also customize a variety of your Zoho apps as well as access your information on the go with the mobile app.

You can:

  • Get a comprehensive view of your customers’ online activities.
  • Automate your sales and marketing workflow.
  • Communicate with your customers via email, social media, phone, or online chat.
  • Access sales reports and dashboards for an in-depth view of your account activity.

Cost: 15-day free trial. Pricing starts at $12/month per user.

Infusionsoft - Best CRM tool for medium-sized sales teams

Your clients want to feel like you just “get” them and are responsive to their needs. Get rid of those manual, repetitive chores with Infusionsoft, so you can focus on providing that personalized experience for your clients. And, with more than 230 native and supported integrations, Infusionsoft works with the tools you use on a daily basis.

You can:

  • Automate follow-up reminders, create reports, and forecast creation based on prospect needs and trends.
  • When you’re ready to close the deal, you can create, manage, and share custom quotes directly from the app.
  • Streamline your sales cycle with a visual pipeline. You can add add cards to each stage of your pipeline and drag them to different boards as they move from one stage to the next in your sales process.

Cost: 14-day free trial. Pricing starts $99/month.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Best CRM tool for a large sales team

Businesses with more than 500 employees and that generate over $60 million in revenue would benefit most from Microsoft Dynamics 365, an enterprise resource planning and CRM solution. It features a suite of tools designed specifically for sales, marketing, customer service, and more.

Sales-specific features include:

  • A dashboard gives you a holistic overview of your sales pipeline, revealing the next best step to move each relationship forward.
  • Unify data with an integration between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Personalize sales documents with embedded Office 365 tools.

Cost: Starts at $40/month per user.

Spend Time Where it Matters

A CRM tool lets you manage your customers and business in one place. When all this important information is centralized, it’s easier to see the latest status on tasks, sales opportunities, and marketing campaigns.

A CRM touches every part of your business, so it’s crucial that you find a tool that everyone can easily adopt and customize to their own needs. The result? Less time spent on manual tasks and more time focused on creating the best possible experience for your customers.

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Infusionsoft is now Keap. That’s weird to write, but it’s also exciting.

In 2001, trying to get Infusionsoft off the ground, there were many times when I wanted to quit. I’ll never forget my wife, after two years of struggling to survive, hugging me and saying, “Keep going.”

Over the last two years, we’ve talked with thousands of small business owners to get a deeper understanding of their unique challenges in today’s market. We learned that it’s harder than ever to succeed in small business. Customers expect more. On-demand is the rule. There’s no shortage of platforms on which to complain. A failed job or two can be damaging to your business.

Keap is our signal to the world—and to ourselves—that it’s time to make it easier to succeed. We’re on a mission to simplify growth for millions of small businesses. Our new name is a nod to the tenacity of the small business owner and encompasses everything we know to be true when it comes to success: keep going, keep serving, keep growing.

Along with a new name, we’ve expanded to two products. Keap, our newest product, is smart client management software that helps service businesses progress leads to satisfied clients. Infusionsoft by Keap is powerful CRM and sales and marketing automation software for advanced business needs.

Both are designed to make it easier than ever for more small businesses to get organized so they can deliver great service and close more business.

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