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Scale your entire sales process

Introduce automation into your sales pipeline and enjoy a repeatable, scalable system that frees up time for you to better serve clients.

9 out of 10 clients say Infusionsoft makes it easier to track and follow up with leads.

Screenshot of the software's My Day overview feature

Customize My Day to show the most pertinent information.

Define a consistent, efficient process

A customizable sales pipeline allows you and your team to outline a checklist of deliverables and automate communications.

Send emails that convert leads into clients

As leads progress from one stage to another, emails you personalize are automatically sent to help move them through your sales pipeline.

Win business with easy-to-accept quotes

Create, manage, and share custom quotes directly from the Infusionsoft by Keap app.

  • Send email notifications to sales reps when quotes are accepted or declined
  • Allow customers to accept a quote with one click and pay online
  • Automatically convert quotes into orders

The streamlined path to closing a deal

  • Automate follow-up reminders to reach revenue goals faster
  • Create a checklist of deliverables by sales stage so nothing gets missed
  • Create reports by product, lead source, and dozens of other metrics
  • Train new sales team members with a repeatable, scalable system
  • Create a forecast based on prospect needs, trends, and more
  • Convert your leads with branded quotes
Opportunity pipeline summary

75% of Infusionsoft users increase revenue, on average.

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