CRM Gmail Integration is a Breeze with Keap

Chapter 01: Why a CRM should integrate with Gmail

Having a CRM that integrates with Gmail puts your business way ahead of the competition by utilizing the tools you are already using all in one place. You can now leverage the valuable information extrapolated from Gmail to execute lead and contact management as well as customer nurture in Keap Max Classic. While Keap Lite and Keap Pro are both robust CRMs in their own right with their own internal messaging features, Infusionsoft Gmail integration is a game changer. Now, you can open your email tab in Infusionsoft and it’s just like you’ve fired up your Gmail account.

Chapter 02: Benefits and features of Gmail integration

Never lose key information from Gmail conversations

Incoming and outgoing emails exchanged with a CRM that integrates with Gmail automatically syncs to your client records. This way, quickly searching and viewing communication exchanges alongside other key customer information is possible, shaving minutes off your time.

Improve workflow with a complete contact record

Emails display in a client’s Contact Record email tab and the Recent Email History section on the main page of the Contact record. It's almost as if having CRM in Gmail, only it's the other way around.

Sync Infusionsoft contacts with your client records

Migrate all of your contacts from Gmail over to Infusionsoft so you avoid the task of manual data entry. This built-in automation feature will blow you away.

Quickly search and view interactions

Once Gmail and Infusionsoft are integrated, a record of your correspondence is accumulated, making it possible to go back and view a thread of messages for each client. Note: this only happens post migration, messages sent prior will not sync over.

See demo.

Chapter 03: Easily Set up the Gmail Integration within Keap CRM Software

Once you've decided to follow through with an Infusionsoft Gmail integration, you can easily see how CRM software works with Gmail after a quick set up:

1. Click Edit My Profile from Infusionsoft's navigation bar.

2. Scroll down and select the Mail Accounts tab.

3. Click Sync Email Account.

4. Choose your Gmail account for the sync.

5. Complete the authentication for Google.

Once you've authenticated your Gmail to integrate with Infusionsoft, pick one of the tasks you want to execute, for example, migrating your contacts over, to initiate the automation. Choose the information you want to send from Gmail to Infusionsoft and that’s it! Before you know it, all of your information is in one place and ready for action.

Note: this feature is only available for Infusionsoft by Keap customers.

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