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Keap Max combines the intuitive interface and ever growing features of the Keap platform with the robust power of Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft). Try it in your app today!

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Max features

Maximum power and functionality with the intuitive and award-winning Keap interface

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  • Keap Mobile App + Business Line

Manage contact data, appointments, SMS, calls, voicemails, and messaging from anywhere. Keep your business front-of-mind.

Get a dedicated business number on your existing smart phone and forward to up to five other phone lines. Your team never needs to miss another lead or follow-up.

*Business line available in US and Canada

  • Appointments

End back and forth scheduling hassles. Book appointments with automatic reminders, follow-ups, and booking links that can be embedded right on your website and lead forms with ease.

  • Calendar Sync (Google/Outlook)

Stay organized by syncing your Google and Outlook calendars in the Keap app.

  • Checkout Forms

Turn your business into a fully automated selling platform with our beautiful, modern, customizable, and mobile responsive forms on your website.

  • Easy Automations (When/Then functions)

The endless growth power of business automation, all while saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Analytics

Get easy to understand analytics and actionable next steps directly in your Keap app.

  • SMS Automation (coming soon)

Take your communication and marketing to the next level with automated SMS messaging




Max Classic

Organize leads

Contact management

B2B management

Opportunity records

Contact segmentation (tags)

Saved searches/filters/contact lists


Web forms

Landing pages

Company records

Lead source tracking

Coming Soon

Lead scoring

Customizable dashboard

Get more jobs



Sales pipeline

Sales round robin

Coming soon

Get more jobs

Keap Mobile App

Dedicated business line

SMS messages

Email marketing

A/B email testing

Email sync (Gmail, Outlook)

Calendar sync (Gmail, Outlook)

Google reviews

Get paid


One-time payments

Recurring payments

Shopping cart

Checkout forms

Order forms

Automate the work

Easy automation

Advanced automation


Internal forms

Pipeline automation

API (Integrations)

Administrative tools



Default user roles

Custom user roles

Coming soon

Data migration support

Affiliate management

Who should try Keap Max?

Maximum power with the intuitive and award-winning Keap interface. If this sounds like something you want, you will definitely want to try Keap Max.

  • Excited about a modern and easy-to-use interface and user experience

  • Need additional CRM tools that are integrated in the app such as Appointments, Keap Mobile, Dedicated business line and SMS messaging

  • Looking for an effortless way to automate your business with Easy Automations

  • Selling services online with Checkout forms and Payments

  • Still want power and flexibility with Advanced Automations, Sales Pipeline, Lead Scoring, Checkout Forms, Company Records, and Analytics

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Are you already happy with your Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) experience?

Great! No need to switch. Max Classic is not going away and we will continue to invest in new innovation.

How to try Keap Max

Current Max Classic customers can try Keap Max simply by filling out the form below. After the form is completed a toggle button will be added to the top right corner of your Max Classic app.

  • You will not lose any of your data.
  • You can toggle back at any time.
  • Check out the details below about data migration

Try Max now:

Just get your info to us and in 24 hours we’ll get your app set up with the toggle button that can transport you and your business to new levels or growth and efficiency.

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How to switch to Keap Max permanently:

If you try Keap Max and decide you would like to switch permanently, reach out to your CSM and they can help you switch your app at no additional cost.

Need help with Data Migration to Max?

Luckily, most Max Classic features and data are transferred seamlessly to Max with a few exceptions.

Please note cases in which features and corresponding data will not transfer to Max:

  • Contact record: Contact type and Sent email history
  • Custom fields: SSN field and Categories with subcategories
  • Order records: Tax and discounts records
  • Activity feed
  • “My Day” content
  • Opportunity records
  • Sales Pipeline stages
  • Appointments

As well as Niche campaign goals and sequences:

  • Landing Page submitted
  • Note applied
  • Internal forms
  • Lead Score achieved
  • Product purchased
  • Opportunity State moved