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Grow faster with Keap and Stripe

Keap’s new integration with Stripe helps you get paid faster, fight fraud, and go global as you scale.

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Open up worlds of possibility

Sign up for Stripe in minutes to accept payments online from customers in 195 countries in 135+ currencies. More than 80% of Americans, 65% of U.K. residents, and 80% of Australians made a purchase on Stripe in the past year. Stripe’s huge global presence and ease of accepting payments free you up to concentrate on what’s really important—your core business.

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Improve cash flow and streamline collections

Add a Pay Now button directly to your Keap invoices to allow your customers to pay instantly with their preferred payment method. Keap and Stripe automatically track both paid and unpaid invoices. You can create custom settings to send gentle reminders to take the manual toil out of chasing overdue invoices.

Defeat fraud with the power of machine learning

Stripe’s advanced machine learning algorithms automatically analyze information from Stripe’s global network of businesses to help identify and prevent fraud. Stripe systems process hundreds of thousands of transactions every day to identify new fraud patterns that help your company stay safe.

Only pay for what you use

Stripe provides fast, predictable transfers. Once you’re registered, transfers arrive in your bank account in as little as two days. Stripe also offers no setup, monthly, or hidden fees. You can even see your transaction fees with real-time reporting.

Keap is a Stripe Verified Partner

Keap has gone through a rigorous process to ensure that we meet the best practices and requirements for integrating Stripe. That means you can be confident in the quality of our integration with Stripe. Stripe meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Stripe is also audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the highest level of certification available.

Stripe Verified Partner

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