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Product Update | 2 min read

Max Classic Updates


Hey Keap Peeps, Greg here from the Keap Academy team, and I wanted to make sure you knew about two cheeky new updates to the campaign builder (also known as advanced automations) that the product team rolled out last week.

Just as an FYI - these particular improvements are specific to Keap users on the Max Classic version of the software (formerly known as Infusionsoft).

Update 1

First up - they've added a widget inside of our sequences that allows us to automatically move an opportunity between stages.

If you use the opportunity pipeline section of the software, then you know that moving an opportunity is normally a manually step - but there may be instances in our business when we want it to happen automatically.

For example, if a contact navigates to our website and makes a purchase - we may want to automatically move their opportunity to the "won" stage.

Well, thanks to this improvement - now you can.

Update 2

The second improvement is a small (but mighty) change to the way Purchase Goals work.

Historically, purchase goals have been able to listen for the purchase of a specific product, or any product in a category - but now they've added an option that lets us trigger automation based on which order form someone used.

So, if you have the same product being sold on two different order forms, now you can easily differentiate.

This type of flexibility means we can create unique fulfillment automation based on not just what someone bought, but HOW they bought it.

If either of these features feel like something that will be a fit, feel free to take them for a test drive, or check out the release notes for more detail.

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