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Keap product release report: April 2024

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Martin Cash, Bobbie Jo Gregor

Product Release Report April 2024 graphic

April was a big month around here! We released exciting updates that will help you save time, better connect with your contacts, easily create stellar landing pages and more. Read on to explore the details and see the awesome stuff waiting for you in your Keap app.

Now available in Ultimate: 2-way texting

Pro, Max, Ultimate

If you’ve ever found yourself longing to have a one-to-one text conversation with your contacts, we have exciting news for you:

Two-way texting has officially arrived in Keap Ultimate!

Until now, when a contact would reply to an automated text, users wouldn’t be able to see those replies or send a response. This can be extremely frustrating, and we’re so excited to bring you this new feature.

Today, all Keap users are now able to send individual messages to their leads and customers directly from their Keap app. Not only does this provide an opportunity to connect with your audience in a more personal way, but it also means you can conveniently nurture those sales-ready contacts one-on-one!

Ready to start using this feature? Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Keap app
  2. Navigate to your admin settings
  3. Turn on your global settings for Ultimate

After that, you’ll see a new “Comms” menu item on the left side. Click on that section to see who is responding to your texts and reply to them individually!

One-to-one texts can lead to deeper connections, happier leads and customers, and a growing business. Don’t wait to take advantage of this new feature!

Check out this help article to learn more.

Integration update: Zapier + Keap 2.0

Pro, Max, Ultimate

In April, we announced the launch of a brand new zap that consolidates the Premium Keap Max Classic Zap and the free Keap Zap. The free Keap App Zap has now been updated with the consolidated version that gives users additional dropdowns, increased clarity, and more options across any edition of the software. Even better, this change does not interrupt any current zaps and should not disrupt your workflows.

For Max Classic Zap users, the option to choose the Max Classic Zap for new zaps is going away, but existing zaps will continue to function for the foreseeable future, and you can create new zaps with the new Keap/Zapier integration. We highly advise Max Classic Zap users to rebuild their zaps with the new consolidated app to avoid future breaks as the Max Classic Zap will no longer be supported and monitored for issues.

Head over to our help article to learn more about the ins and outs of this new Zapier functionality.

Landing pages: Updated color picker

Pro, Max, Ultimate

Choosing the perfect color for your brand can be a long and arduous process. Then, once you get the shade exactly right, having to remember its specific formula and recreate it constantly further complicates things. After all, a person can only remember so many hex codes. That’s why we’re tickled pink to bring you an updated Landing Page Color Picker.

With this new update, you can select a saved color under “Template Colors” or “Common Colors.” The best part is the colors you choose are automatically saved and available for use across your Keap app to make consistent branding and marketing easier. To learn more, check out this article.

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