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Automation Hours

What are Automation Hours?

We know automation is the great game-changer for small businesses. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to work ON their business and put organization, follow-up and automation to work for them. One of our experts will be joined by one of our partners each Tuesday and Thursday to conduct a workshop on implementing automation that will help you succeed.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am PDT
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Upcoming Sessions

Thu 4/15
Tips for Troubleshooting Keap - with Jillian Kendrick of Informed Marketing Solutions
If you've ever found yourself ready to throw your computer across the room... you're not alone! And to make sure it doesn't happen again, I'm going to show you a few ninja tricks I've learned over the last 8+ years of using Keap that can save you a TON of time when it comes to troubleshooting, figuring things out, where to go, what to look for, etc. Bring your tough questions and we'll walk through them together!

Tue 4/20
Track your calls and automate follow-up in Keap - with Cameron Tulloch of Venture Launch
Follow-up accurately and completely every time by tracking discovery calls and consultations in Keap. Join Cameron from Venture Launch as we create a simple form to track the results of your client-facing calls, then automate the tasks, emails and other items that will make your customer feel great about your business.

Thu 4/22
Attract your ideal prospects and reduce wasted marketing spend - with Mike Hilton of CXMYBIZ
Discover what resonates best with your prospects, evaluate your marketing spend (and learn how to track your leads), and test into growth using each dollar to its full potential.

Tue 4/27
How to use the sales pipeline to manage your projects and fulfilment of your services - with Bushra Sheikh of BKS Consultancy
If you're providing a service and want to use Keap to manage the project or fulfilment then Bushra Sheikh from BKS Consultancy will show you how you can use the sales pipeline to create an amazing service for your clients. (Keap Pro & Keap Max specific training)

Thu 4/29
Owning your growth metrics and testing into sustained growth - with Mike Hilton of CXMYBIZ
The world has embraced an increased virtual existence. Knowing how to intentionally influence your key growth metrics is even more important. Mike will help you to gain more confidence in the decisions you are making on a daily basis. You'll learn more effective ways to build tests that will provide the insights you need to target your metrics create sustained growth.

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