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Email tips during a pandemic

Email tips during a pandemic

Over the last few months, COVID-19 has obviously wrought havoc in every aspect of people’s lives and, as we work together to get through this, we are continuing to support small businesses everywhere and make recommendations to help achieve success.

Most small businesses want to stay in touch with their customers via email in these uncertain times, but unfortunately, some fake news and dubious opportunity marketing messages are making their way into people’s inboxes. Because of this, email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) are becoming increasingly vigilant in scanning emails with subject lines and content referring to COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

Since March, we have seen holistic inbox rates decline a few percentage points. In almost every case, the common pattern was the mention of COVID-19 or the coronavirus in the subject line or referenced numerous times in the content.

Keap certainly does not want to be associated with censorship on COVID-19 and we are certainly not discouraging you from acknowledging this topic in your communications to your customers. We are suggesting that you reference this virus in more subtle ways and be cautious to not over use terms such as COVID-19 or the coronavirus that will result in more of your emails ending up in the junk folder or worse, getting deleted.

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