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Product Update | 6 min read

Keap’s Product Release Report - Feb. 2023

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Product Update

Keap’s Product Release Report February 2023

Welcome to the Product Release Report for Feb. 2023! We’ve added features to improve your contact segmentation, improve search functionality, accept new forms of payment and more.

Apple/Google Pay with Stripe

Available in Pro and Max

Digital wallets are now commonly used by a substantial number of consumers. To meet this growing need, Keap can now accept Google Pay or Apple Pay on checkout forms, provided you already have a Stripe merchant account. Learn more.

Keap logo google wallet logo apple pay logo

Apply tags to different landing page form submissions

Available in Keap Pro and Max

If you have multiple services, consultations or products, then it’s time to celebrate. You can now apply a tag when someone fills out a specific form on a landing page. This comes in handy when you use multiple forms on the same landing page and would like each lead to be tagged based on which form they submitted. This improves segmentation, so you can create automations based on what form was submitted on your landing pages. Learn more.

Sign up in app example

Playbook checklist

Available in Keap Pro and Max

We’ve introduced the Playbook checklist for our new users. This Playbook widget allows immediate access to your checklist tutorials anywhere in the product. You no longer need to navigate between different areas of Keap and back to the Getting Started checklist page. Now, the floating Playbook checklist stays with you as you are setting things up. Learn more.

Updated contact import page

Available in Keap Pro and Max

The contact import page has been reorganized to help you find the spreadsheet option quickly. We have also organized the overall layout of the page to make it more visually appealing. Learn more.

Search automation in app example

Campaign links in the new email builder

Available in Keap Pro and Max

A campaign link is a campaign-specific hyperlink you can merge into email templates. Now, you don't have to modify each email template individually if the link changes —just the URL of the campaign link. Learn more.

New “send an email broadcast” experience

Available in Keap Pro and Max

Email broadcasts are great for newsletters, promotions, company updates and more. We've now simplified the way you send a broadcast email, providing the entire setup process on one page. We’ve also added ways for you to start an email broadcast from the contacts page and the comms page. Learn more.

Send email broadcast in app example

Add a contact button from search

Available in Keap Pro and Max

Searching for a contact you met offline using the global search function? If your search doesn't find any contacts, there’s now a button to add a new one. Learn more.

Add contact from search in app example

Click to view results from quick search

Available in Keap Pro and Max

When you search for contacts and get a list of similar results, you can click the new “View results” button to view them in a list. This allows you to go through all search results easily, rather than viewing one contact at a time and then searching again. Learn more.

View results from quick search in app example

Stay tuned to our blog for updates to Keap! We’ll be adding more exciting features to improve your app experience.

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