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 | 2 min read

The Infusionsoft WordPress Plugin Makes it Easy to Create Opt-in Forms

by Joseph Manna

Wordpress is, by far, the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available. Here's proof: 26.4 percent of the web runs on WordPress (and that number’s going up). It’s achieved this kind of massive following for good reason: Starting out as a simple blogging application, they’ve evolved into one of the best CMS platforms available, allowing tons of customization possibilities within a relatively easy-to-use platform.

Given that WordPress is so popular, it’s no wonder that a huge chunk of Infusionsoft customers use it. Infusionsoft now gives you one more reason to use it.

Infusionsoft has a free plugin that allows WordPress users to connect directly to Infusionsoft, and quickly begin integrating their digital marketing strategy with their WordPress pages. With the plugin, any time a user fills out your opt-in form on WordPress, they’ll automatically be added into Infusionsoft and any automation campaigns you’ve set up will run.

Just to give a little context, prior to this plugin, in order to set up opt-in forms through WordPress, you had to understand HTML and jump through a bunch of hoops in order to properly set up Infusionsoft opt-in forms on your WordPress site; the process was involved and a bit cumbersome. But now, the process is so easy, you’ll be able to add agility to your marketing efforts by quickly creating new campaigns or revising old ones in a fraction of the time and effort you needed before.

With the plugin, you can drag-and-drop a WordPress opt-in goal into your Infusionsoft Marketing Automation, allowing you to implement any follow-up campaign with WordPress in just a few clicks. The plugin makes it easy to perform sequences like thank yous, triggered phone calls, email delivery, newsletter delivery, drip nurture campaigns, and more.

Check out this video to see exactly how to setup the plugin and start using the new WordPress Opt-in Goal in Infusionsoft:

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