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Keap product release report: January 2024

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Martin Cash

Product release report January 2024 text and graphic

With massive industry shifts — like Google and Yahoo’s changes to bulk email sends, and requirements for text verification like Twilio — it’s more important than ever to prepare your business with the right communication tools and best practices. One best practice you shouldn’t overlook is the importance of security standards in email deliverability. With Google and Yahoo requiring authentication through SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, businesses must recognize that email security protocols are as crucial as content quality for ensuring emails reach their destination.

That’s why we’ve been implementing tools that support small businesses as they prepare to meet Yahoo and Google’s new requirements.

Email Deliverability Status

All editions

The new Domain and Email Authentication section helps you check the status of your domain authentication. It simplifies the process of setting up and monitoring DKIM and SPF records, which are crucial for meeting the updated requirements from Google and Yahoo.

By ensuring your domain is properly authenticated, you can improve email deliverability and sender reputation. You’ll know your domain is verified if it shows as "Connected" on the domain authentication page.

Keap in app example of email deliverability status

To avoid disruption, authenticate your domain(s) now using the help article that applies to your edition of Keap:

Or, hire one of our email experts to take care of this for you. Sign up for a free consultation to learn more.

Email Health Widget

Now available in Keap Pro and Max

Sometimes it’s hard to see how effectively your emails are performing. Take control of your email deliverability with the Email Health dashboard widget. This widget provides insightful reports and recommendations to help you monitor your email deliverability and take action. Follow the best practices outlined on the widget’s reporting page to ensure your emails reach your recipients' inboxes.

Keap in app example of email health widget

Keep an eye on the Email Health widget. It provides key email marketing metrics like average engagement, bounce rate, and complaint rate. A sudden change in these metrics can indicate issues with list hygiene or engagement.

Average engagement (days)

Keap in app example of average email engagement

Email engagement is the time (in days) between when a customer last opens/clicks an email and when you send a new email via your Keap app.

A highly engaged contact:

  • Has opened email you've sent within 30 days
  • Or has clicked a link in any email you've sent within 30 days

Invalid bounce rate (%)

Keap in app example of email bounce rate

Most emails bounce because of a permanent issue with the receiving email account, a temporary issue with the receiving email account, or because the email is blocked by the receiving server.

Complaint rate (%)

Keap in app example of complaint rate

It’s generally accepted in the email marketing industry that spam complaint rates over 0.1% (1 complaint per 1000 emails sent per provider) are excessive. This metric is tracked per email provider and not as a global rate.

With the upcoming Yahoo and Google Email Requirements, it’s more important than ever to monitor your complaint rates.

Check out more details on the Email Health Widget here.

The email marketing industry is always changing and it can be tough to stay up to date. Our team is ready to help you navigate the changes and identify the right solutions for your business. Sign up for a free consultation with one of our email experts today.

Notables: Campaign Builder is now Automation Builder

Our customers automate more than just marketing campaigns with Campaign Builder, so we updated the name from “Campaign Builder” to “Automation Builder” to reflect the experience of automating your entire business. We also updated the Pro/Max apps term “Advanced Automations” to just “Automation Builder.” Here’s where you’ll see those changes reflected in the software:

  • Changed sub-navigation names of “Advanced automation” to “Automation builder” (all editions)
  • The default creation text changed from “Untitled campaign” to “Untitled automation”
  • Renamed the Pro/Max “Advanced Automations” list to “Automations”
  • Renamed the Pro/Max “Automation templates” screen to “Templates”
  • In Ultimate: Automation > Campaign List > Campaign List Title changed to “Automations”
  • In Ultimate: Contact Record change interactive and contact tab names of “Campaigns” changed to “Automations.” This is also reflected in the sub menu of next action titles (“Campaign history”)
  • Pre Built Report Names changed from “Campaign” to “Automation”

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