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Keap CTO Rajesh Bhatia explains product development focus for 2020

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Rajesh Bhatia

Rajesh Bhatia, Keap CTO

As we exit 2019, reflecting on the past 4-5 months I see we’ve made progress in many areas but there’s more to be done in 2020. We’re seeing good traction on all of our editions—Grow, Pro and Infusionsoft. We see more and more customers and partners appreciating the simplicity of the user experience, richness in functionality and improved quality (e.g. success of Black Friday – Cyber Monday email deliverability). I see 2020 with greater optimism, founded by a clear plan and team that’s passionate and committed to the mission of Keap.

In 2020 our focus will be to make sure all customers can and will adopt the capabilities of the product and get value from their investment in Keap. To expand adoption of the software, we need to continue efforts on usability, reliability and build innovations that “wow” our customers. To help increase adoption we will continue our focus on improving quality and performance of the application. To improve performance/reliability we’re further simplifying our deployment architecture, and to increase our confidence on quality we’ll continue to add to our automation guardrails. All these efforts will give us more confidence that our software will simply “just work, and work all the time.”

Usability and self-service will also see continued focus in 2020. Customers will see very simple ways of getting the power of automation, integrations and other capabilities from Keap. Our partners will see frictionless ways of serving our common customers. Rounding out existing features (e.g. SMS, mobile app, etc.) will also get priority in 2020 and we’ll expand our good, better and best lineup to incorporate mobile as an acquisition channel and make sure all these editions are inclusive of the lower edition with a consistent user interface. Finally, in product our customers will see “embedded intelligence” powered by dashboards, reports, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms in Keap so customers can get powerful insights.

We have set lofty goals for product development in 2020, however, we’re confident that we have a plan that can help achieve these goals. As our CTO, I promise that our customers and partners will get PD’s best effort as they should expect from their investments in Keap.

Happy Holidays and cheers to 2020!

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