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Product Update | 2 min read

New Ecommerce functionality in Keap Pro and Max

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Laura Sills

New Ecommerce functionality in Keap Pro and Max

Ecommerce in Keap Max just leveled up in a big way. The new features offer so much flexibility and customization for your sales process. Here’s a quick overview of what’s now available, with some use cases to get you started.

Promo codes

The holidays are coming up (we aren’t decorating quite yet, but it’s never too early to start planning your strategy) and setting up a promo code is the quickest way to give your customers a holiday discount. Online spending increased 44% in 2020 due to COVID, so if you haven’t switched over to selling some of your services or products online there’s no better time to start.

With promo codes, you can segment your list and give a deeper discount to your most loyal customers, and offer a different discount to try to convert the folks that have been hanging out on your list but haven’t pulled the trigger and purchased yet. This helps you create new clients, repeat clients, and a bunch of new raving fans.

One-click upsells

The addition of one-click upsells lets you maximize your revenue by suggesting relevant products to your customers during the checkout process. There are so many ways to do this to add more value:

  • Offer a ticket to an exclusive mastermind event
  • Suggest a downloadable resource that dives deeper into the product they’re already buying, or a related topic that can seed a future upsell
  • Highlight a bonus item to throw in a package that will be sent -- like a pair of socks, a keychain, or a pack of stickers. Get your branding out there!

Upgrades to Existing Functionality

Along with these big releases in Max, we have also added some additional features to Checkout Forms in both Pro and Max. You no longer need to set up a 2-step process to collect additional contact or order info (like business name or t-shirt size). Simplifying the checkout process lessens the risk of abandoned carts, maximizing your sales.

Take it from one of our favorites, Jade:

“Ever since I started using Keap, I only pay for one platform and still get all the functionality I could want - and it’s easy to use, too. Now that new ecommerce capabilities are available, I’m excited to bring in more revenue, all while collecting payments more seamlessly.”

And last but not least -- you may have heard the rumors, and we can officially confirm that they’re true - a native Shopify integration is coming to Keap Max before the end of the year! Our team is already dreaming of all the use cases we’ll be able to demo for you, and all the new strategies that small businesses will be able to put into place to streamline their sales and get ready to grow in 2022 -- keep an eye out soon!

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