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Improve email delivery rates with Keap

email and algorithm

Have you recently noticed a dip in your email delivery and open rates? You are not alone.

Email service providers (ESPs) regularly change algorithms that determine whether emails land in recipients’ inboxes, as intended, or if they disappear into a junk folder because they were marked as spam. Keap has noticed that recent changes made by prominent ESPs, such as Gmail and Outlook, have impacted email deliverability.

This is not only affecting Keap customers, this is an industry-wide change. While email providers don’t share their algorithms, and we don’t have specifics on what exactly changed, we can share best practices to help increase deliverability as a whole.

To get you started, here are 4 tutorials to help you improve your deliverability. No matter what you use to send email, these steps will have a positive impact on your delivery and open rates.

Identify disengaged customers

Managing your disengaged customers is a crucial step in maintaining email deliverability. Disengaged customers are more likely to complain about your email, which affects your reputation and could potentially impact your engaged customers. Follow the instructions to learn how to opt out your least-engaged customers.

Create effective emails

In addition to updating your email lists, you also need to review your content with the goal of avoiding content filters. How and what you write determines whether your email ends up in the inbox. Watch this video for best practices on business domains, subject lines, body text, images, and branding.

Also, be sure you avoid common spam terms.

Manage your domain reputation

Next, review your reputation. Your business domain reputation plays a vital role in whether your business emails are delivered to an inbox. Deliverability can fluctuate between negative or positive as your email marketing practices change. A key part of reputation management is monitoring email complaints and checking your domain reputation.

Your domain health is key to your overall email reputation. Think of your email reputation like your credit score, which is achieved through ongoing email marketing best practices. Just as you would check your credit score for a major purchase, you should check your domain score to ensure your domain health is in good standing.

Find out how you can keep your reputation intact by watching the video below.

Update your template

Did you know your email template may also cause deliverability issues? Watch this video to find out why and what you can do to change it.

By following the above tips, we anticipate you'll see an increase to your email deliverability rates in just few weeks.

Still interested in more email tips? Check out our Email marketing best practices handbook.

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