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Keap launches Google Reviews Dashboard Widget

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Dave Vest

Keap launches Google Reviews Dashboard Widget

In today’s digital media era, small business owners must be aware of what customers are writing publicly about their company. Indeed, reputation management has become critical to a business’ success, with 85% of consumers reporting they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Generating online reviews from satisfied customers is a fundamental element of lifecycle automation. With that in mind, Keap and Google Reviews have joined forces to help small businesses grow faster than ever.

The recently released Google Reviews Dashboard Widget in Keap helps users boost their online reviews without having to purchase costly plug-ins.

“We live in a world where most small businesses get new business from word of mouth,” said Tyson Brown, a Senior Product Manager at Keap. “But in today's day and age, a lot of that word of mouth is taking the shape of online reviews, which can be very powerful. If people searching for your service online see that you have 200 positive reviews, that’s like word of mouth on steroids.”

The Google Reviews Dashboard Widget in Keap increases users’ online findability and allows them to easily send tailored messages to current customers to request reviews.

“We know there's an opportunity for our tool to help people better elicit positive reviews and referrals from their happy clients,” Brown said. “I think too often we talk about ‘lead capture’ and ‘lead gen’ being money-fed things. And a lot of today’s small business owners just don't have working capital to do a lot of that, much less the know-how around what ads to run or how to optimize their online presence. And so, to have something like this widget in Keap, that helps people organically get new leads without knowing marketing and without spending a ton of money is pretty exciting.”

To use the Google Reviews Dashboard Widget in Keap:

From the home dashboard, click “Try it out” in the Google Reviews Widget and then search for your business name, or create one with Google My Business

The widget will show your current Google Reviews rating and the five most relevant reviews

“It’s really very easy to use,” Brown said. “Anybody who's got a Google My Business listing can search for and verify their company address or location and they're ready to go.”

To get the most from the Google Reviews Dashboard Widget, request a review from your most satisfied clients. This can be done easily from your Keap dashboard by clicking “Request review.” This opens an email with a link to your business listing’s review page that can be sent directly to your clients for them to leave a Google Review. You can also copy the review link to easily share anywhere. It’s important to not alter the review request link in this process because it might prevent the recipient from leaving a review.

Brown runs a side business in Arizona called Gilbert Apple Dude, and he’s been leveraging the Google Reviews Dashboard Widget for Keap as a trial user.

“I'm particularly passionate about this aspect of our product,” Brown said. “Before I worked for Keap, I used to work at an Apple store. After I left to come to Keap, I decided to stay in the Apple game and help people on the side with their Apple woes… fixing iMacs or consulting them on how to ‘speed up’ their computers.”

Before using the Google Reviews Dashboard Widget in Keap, Brown’s side hustle had zero Google Reviews, about two new inquiries per month, and generated about $100 in monthly revenue. Since he started requesting reviews through Keap, he has nine reviews, 10-plus new inquiries per month and is generating over $400 in monthly revenue.

“When you start getting more and more positive reviews, Google organically starts to optimize your business listing,” Brown said. “I’m not spending any money on SEO or advertising. As I get more positive reviews to my business listing, it just starts showing up in more and more people's online search results. It’s gotten to the point where I get a phone call every other day or so to my Keap business line from somebody who found me online – all without spending any money or having a proper website. It’s pretty awesome.”

Consider this eye-popping stat: Nearly half of consumers require at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business. Positive reviews are critical.

“For the average solopreneur small business owner who’s just getting started or isn't really a marketing maven, it’s vital to understand the importance of following up with your happy clients and asking for reviews,” Brown said. “Positive reviews can generate a lot more new business than what a lot of people realize and I’m excited that our product is helping them do that more easily.”

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