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Product Update | 2 min read

Keap's July 2021 Release Report

Keap's July Release Report

July 2021 Release Report

This month is packed with game changing releases. Let’s dive right into it:

July Release Report Video Timeline

Watch the full video here.

Text Marketing

First and foremost: text marketing is HERE. For U.S. based users, text marketing is now available in broadcasts, easy automations, and advanced automations. You can even include custom fields in your text messages, making the experience more personalized for those on the other end of your marketing. The open rates for text marketing are through the roof - and we are so excited to bring that opportunity to our Keap users so you can bring the right message to the right people in an even more impactful way in your sales and marketing.

Sales Pipeline Automation

Next, we’ve added new automation to the sales pipeline: easy automation triggers. This is huge for your workflow if you have a pipeline built out. We have also added what we call contextual automation, meaning that you can build automation directly in the pipeline.

Invoice Updates

A small (but important) update to invoicing capabilities: you can address an invoice to a company rather than an individual. It’s a simple checkbox to switch it over, and it makes a big difference in your B2B communication.

Contact Record Updates

And finally, we made updates to the contact record and dashboard. You can now move multiple contacts to a company at the same time. Also, you can also share contact list widgets between users, making it easier than ever to collaborate with coworkers inside your organization.

Lots more to come in the second half of the year - keep your eyes peeled for Advanced E-commerce functionality, including one-click upsells and promo codes in Keap Max (!!!). We’ll also be working on new pipeline reporting abilities, which will give you a deeper understanding of how to optimize your existing sales journey. Finally, be on the lookout for a few new native integrations that will allow you to streamline your systems and simplify your workflows with some of your favorite tools that you’re already using.

See you next month!

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