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Product Update | 8 min read

Keap's October 2021 Release Report

Keap's October Release Report

October 2021 Release Report

Hey everyone! My name is Clate and welcome to the new release report for the month of October.

This month, we have some great things to unveil, including text marketing templates, contact type improvements, and a new email and landing page builder.

We’re coming off an incredible week of IKON and PKON, Keap’s annual user and partner conferences.

At these events, small business owners from around the world gathered to learn about how to grow their business. We heard from some amazing keynote speakers including Loral Langmeier, Ramon Ray, and Lisa Nichols. We also took part in information-packed breakout sessions from partners and users of the Keap ecosystem. And of course, we heard from the leadership team at Keap about the vision of the product and company moving forward.

For those of you who attended, thank you for being with us. It was great to learn with you, laugh with you, and grow with you. We hope it filled your cup as much as it did ours.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, if you’d like to purchase the recordings of the sessions you can do so by following this link.

Let's take a peek back at what was released last month. We unveiled some very exciting new features including a central place to manage custom fields, and improvements to the mobile app, and Pipeline Analytics. We want to hear how you’re using these features to grow your business.

Now let's get into the new features that were released in the month of October.

October Release Report Video Timeline

For the Max Classic edition we have released text marketing templates, Funnels, and affiliate tracking and Lead Source tracking for the landing page builder.

Text marketing templates

First up is text marketing templates. Text marketing templates allow you to save time by templating messages you send frequently for quick and easy access during future building. When sending an automated text message, you will now see a list of all available templates. When sending a broadcast, you can access the templates by clicking the “Template” icon. Select the template you’d like to use, then adjust to your preferences by inserting the appropriate information.

Landing Pages: Funnels

This is available in the Advanced Automation builder. Previously you had to link multiple pages together or hack the check out forms if you wanted to create a multi-step funnel. Now, you can easily add a new page to your landing page with the click of a button.

The first thing you’ll notice when creating a new landing page is the format of the goal. Now, you can use the same landing page and trigger goals in multiple campaigns off the same form submission. You can also select multiple pages to trigger the goal. e.g. A LP with 5 pages can trigger a goal based on any of the pages with a form.

To edit or create a new landing page, select one of the two available edit buttons. From within the builder, navigate to “Pages”, then click “Create a Blank Page”. You can also copy a page from an existing page by clicking the “Copy” button.

Landing Pages: Affiliate tracking

You’ve been asking for this one for a while, and I’m excited to announce that affiliate tracking is now available in landing pages. You can now link contacts to a particular affiliate record after a form is submitted on a landing page. If a client has a referral partner cookie on their browser and the client fills out a form, a referral partner referral will be created on the contact record under the referral partner tracking tab. This allows you to leverage the power of affiliate marketing in conjunction with Keap’s landing pages.

Landing Pages: Lead source tracking

In addition, you now have the ability to track and store lead source information based on UTM parameters in the URL. If there is a utm_source parameter in the url when someone lands on a Landing Page and that person fills out a form, the “Lead Source” field will be populated based on the parameters in the URL. This allows for efficient tracking and reporting of your marketing efforts to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and know where your marketing dollars are best spent.

For Pro and Max customers we have some great updates that have come your way.

Contact type improvements

First up are improvements to the contact type functionality. I'm really excited about this one. This will allow you to track your customer lifecycle from contact to lead to client. You now have the ability to change the contact type from the list view. Navigate to Contacts, click on the toggle next to the contact you’d like to update, then click on the contact type to change to.

In addition, you can bulk update the contact type for a list of contacts from the list view. Click on contacts, select the contacts you’d like to edit, click Contact Type from the bulk actions options, select the appropriate contact type, and then click apply. It’s that simple.

Now you may be asking yourself: how does this actually help me? I still have to remember to update the contact type. On my list of things to do that falls near the bottom, if it even happens at all. Introducing: automatic contact type changes.

You now no longer need to remember to manually update the contact type as contacts move through the customer lifecycle. Keep will automatically assign the type of a contact as “Lead” if the contact is added through:

  • A web form
  • A landing page
  • Public REST API
  • A public form
  • An internal form
  • An appointment booking page
  • A quote is sent (if contact isn't already marked as Client or Other)

Keep will automatically change the type of a contact to “Client” if one of the following actions is completed:

  • Contact pays an invoice through Keap
  • Contact pays an invoice through Quickbooks Online
  • Payment is made through a checkout form
  • Payment is made through a manual payment
  • Payment is made through a recurring payment

One final important note: Keep will never automatically change the contact type if it is listed as “Client” or “Other”.

New email builder

And now, drum roll please: next up is the new email builder for Lite, Pro, and Max users. I’m super excited to announce this brand new builder that has been leveled up in a big way. With a library of new templates and a more modern, unified building experience, it has never been easier to create beautiful emails that convert. This builder comes with new additions including access to millions of images, a native countdown timer block, mobile editing capabilities, and more. This builder also brings functionality that was missing from the old builder, including the ability to insert background images, text wrapping, full font control and customization, and more.

We're incredibly excited to get this new email bullet into your hands. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to improve current functionality as well as add new features and functionality, including A/B testing, a blank HTML builder, and file downloads.

New landing page builder

Along with the new email builder comes a brand new landing page builder for our Pro and Max users. Create beautiful landing pages with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that is congruent with the new email builder. It comes along with some new features including shareable blocks so you can now share content between the landing page builder and the email builder. In addition, you have access to millions of images, a native countdown timer block, and more modern templates, which we will continue to add to each month. The new builder also seamlessly integrates with other areas of the app including check out forms and appointments. You can access this builder from within Easy or Advanced Automations, or by navigating to Settings > Landing Pages.

Landing Pages: Funnels

For Max users we've introduced a funnel experience within the new landing page builder. You can now create multi-step landing pages to help you seamlessly convert contacts to leads to clients. This funnel capability allows you to pass contact information from page to page and eliminates the need for 3rd party tools. To add additional pages, simply navigate to the pages section from the right menu and click the “plus” icon to add a new page.

Here's a quick recap of the new features and updates we showed you today. Let me know in the comments what feature you're most excited about implementing in your business.

  • Text marketing templates (Max Classic)
  • Landing Pages: Funnels (Max Classic)
  • Landing Pages: Affiliate tracking (Max Classic)
  • Landing Pages: Lead source tracking (Max Classic)
  • Contact type improvements
  • New email builder
  • New landingp age builder
  • Landing Pages: Funnels

Here's a list of other updates and improvements we've made in the last 30 days. You can view more detail about each of these features in our product release notes.

  • Easy Aytomations: Suggested merge fields in tasks
  • Easy Automations in Forms
  • Easy Automations in Appointments
  • Provision KBL on desktop

Looking forward, here are a few of the things we have coming up next month. Coming your way are Easy Automations metrics to gain visibility into the performance of your Easy Automations, dashboard improvements, and additional usability improvements. Join me next month for more detail. Join me next month for more details. Bye!

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