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Keap’s Product Release Report - June 2023

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Product Update

June 2023 Keap Product Release Report

Welcome to the Product Release Report for June 2023! This month, we’re sharing an exciting update designed to make the process of getting paid more seamless. You may know that Keap already allows you to:

  • Reduce late payments with automated invoice payment reminders
  • Keep track of revenue by adding a payment to a contact or deal
  • View your most profitable leads by attributing deal value to lead source

Keap also allows your business to be flexible with payments by offering multiple payment processors, including Google and Apple Pay with a Stripe account. Now, we’re continuing to streamline the process with our new Stripe Automated Sales Tax functionality.

Stripe Automated Sales Tax

Available in Max Classic

We’ve added auto-calculated sales tax functionality to Max Classic to help your team save time and simplify the sales tax collection process. Stripe Automated Sales Tax is a service provided by Stripe and integrated into Max Classic that automatically calculates and charges sales tax based on the recipient’s billing address. You no longer need to maintain a manual sales tax table in Max Classic — Stripe Automated Sales Tax does this automatically. And, this service works with any of our existing payment processors. Learn more

Keap in app dashboard sales tax

Redirect users to a URL after submitting a form

Available in Pro and Max

Keap users can now choose to redirect their customers to a custom URL when they submit a public form. This allows you the flexibility to redirect users to your own custom thank-you pages. Learn more

Keap in app thank you page

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