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Product Update | 4 min read

Keap’s Product Release Report - March 2023

Keap product release report computer hero

Welcome to the Product Release Report for March 2023! We’ve added new functionality and updates to Keap, including the ability to merge duplicate contacts, a centralized reporting hub and more.

Customer App Edition in Help Menu

Available in Pro, Max, and Max Classic

You can now view your app edition by clicking your avatar. You can also find your app ID, Keap Business Line number, username and business name here. Learn more.

Keap customer help menu in app example

Easily See Your Upcoming Subscription Revenue

Available in Keap Max Classic

To help customers who provide recurring services, we've added "Next Bill Date" to the Recurring Orders search in Max Classic. This report will allow you to see the next billing date for all your recurring orders so you can predict your upcoming monthly revenue based on today's snapshot. Learn more.

Keap search recurring in app example

Centralized Reporting Hub

Available in Keap Max and Max Classic

We’ve created a single place for you to view and search all your available reports in Keap Max and Max Classic. You’ll save time, as you’ll no longer need to remember where your most important reports are. This Centralized Reporting Hub also allows you to pin your top 10 most relevant reports and saved searches to the top for quick access. Learn more.

Keap centralized reporting hub in app example

Public Forms Thank-You Page Preview

Available in Keap Pro and Max

No more second guessing. When setting up a thank-you page, you can now preview how it will appear to your customers. Learn more.

Keap thank you page preview in app example

Merge Duplicate Contacts

Available in Keap Pro and Max

Data can get noisy, so we’ve added a tool for data cleanup. You can now regularly discover and merge duplicate contact records. First, you will need to check for duplicate records. The duplicate check tool identifies two matching records at a time based on the criteria you select. Then, you can choose to merge all duplicates automatically or manually merge them. Learn more.

Keap duplicate data cleanup in app example

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