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Product Update | 7 min read

Keap's September 2021 Release Report

Keap's September Release Report

September 2021 Release Report

Hey everyone! Welcome to this month's new release report. My name is Clate and I'm excited to be with you to share all of the new and exciting things we released in the month of September.

Can you believe it’s already October? November is right around the corner! If you haven’t gotten your ticket to IKON yet, make sure you register with this link.

We have some great things to unveil, including link shortening in text marketing, new integrations, and custom field improvements.

September Release Report Video Timeline

Let's take a peek back at what was released last month. We unveiled some very exciting new features including ecommerce capabilities and improvements to Easy Automations, including Automations within Forms and Appointments. Max Classic users are loving the new text marketing features:

"I sent texts and guess what? People called back! ...I now have 12 rock solid leads, but EVERYONE has received a text with our business card to touch base." - Max Classic User

“I went all in on Keap Pro recently and I LOVE it… the UI, simplicity of navigating, new way of doing forms, SMS features, and mobile app are all amazing.” - Bonnie F.

We are SO excited that these tools are helping you grow your business. If you are using any of these tools to grow, please tell us about it! Drop a comment in our video to let us know.

Let's jump into the new things that were released in the month of September.

First is a tool designed to help you get your emails opened. It’s called our Email Subject Line Generator, and does exactly what it’s name implies. Simply select the type of message you plan to send, details on who is getting the message, and that’s it! You can then select from various subject lines to use in your email to help maximize open rates. And the best part - it’s free! Follow this link to use it - trust me, you don’t want to miss out on leveraging this tool.

Okay, now into our product updates for the month of September. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Max Classic.

Text Marketing Link Shortening

First up I'm excited to announce that link shortening is now available in advanced automations. You can now send links to customers and prospects and stay under the 160-character limit. Simply click the link icon when building a text, paste in your desired link, and click “Insert”. This will also allow you to maintain tracking capabilities for important calls to action like webinar registrations, check out form links, and more.

BigCommerce integration

Next up, I’m excited to announce our native integration with BigCommerce. This integration allows you to bring your products and customer purchase history into Keap to trigger automation. You can also import your Bigcommerce contacts, orders, and products into Keap. Leverage the power of Keap while also having the benefits of the BigCommerce platform.

Now for our Lite, Pro and Max customers we have some great updates coming your way.

Custom field improvements

First, we made improvements to the custom fields functionality. Overcome multi click chaos and quickly access the data you need with a new centralized location to manage all custom fields. This can be found under the Settings section of your app and gives you the ability to view, edit, and create custom fields both for the contact record as well as the company record. You also now have the ability to always show custom fields on a contact or company record by simply clicking a checkbox under the appropriate field.

Tax labels

We’ve heard your feedback and have now updated the tax functionality to incorporate tax labels. This helps you ensure proper tax information is shared on quotes and invoices. When adding a tax rate to a quote or invoice it will now display the name of the tax rate. Additionally, when you have multiple tax rates on a quote or invoice they will now appear itemized in the payment details section.

Easy Automations improvements

Next up is a simple improvement to Easy Automations. You now have the ability to simply and easily view all when's and then associated with a selected automation. save clicks and gain greater visibility into your entire automation by quickly seeing everything involved with that particular automation.

Pipeline analytics

I'm pretty pumped about this next one. Many of you have been leveraging Keap’s native Pipeline functionality to stay on top of deals and grow your business. This is a great tool to help you stay organized, but you haven’t had many resources at your disposal to help you track the performance of your pipeline. Until now. Pipeline Analytics is now available to help you make data-driven decisions based on the performance of your pipeline. Improve conversions and gain visibility into where your bottlenecks are with reports such as deal conversions by stage, average deal duration, average time in stage, deal revenue forecast, and more.

Recurring upsells

Last month we unveiled upsells for our Max users. Upsells allow you to maximize the revenue of every sale by offering additional products or services at checkout. And now, they are even better with recurring upsells! If you have a product or service that you’d like to bill on a consistent basis you can now easily configure it right from within your checkout form. When adding an upsell, you can change the setting from “One-time” to “Recurring”, then choose the frequency (either yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily) and the number of times this charge should run. When an order is placed, the recurring charge “clock” will begin automatically based on the settings you’ve configured. It’s as easy as that!

QR code contact share

Next up is improvements to the Keap mobile app. If you haven’t been using this app to stay organized and grow your business, you’re missing out. With the most recent improvements, you now have the ability to leverage a QR code to share your contact information with prospects and customers that you meet in person. Simply select your avatar to view your business card QR code. Have your contact scan this code with the camera on their mobile device, at which point the contact can save your business information with a single tap. And of course, you can also share your contact information through a text, email, or other third party app.

What a list! Here is a quick recap of the new features and updates we showed you today. We covered things like custom field improvements, tax labels, pipeline analytics, and improvements to the mobile app. Let me know in the comments what feature you're most excited about!

  • Text Marketing Link Shortening (Max Classic)
  • BigCommerce Integration (Max Classic)
  • Custom Field Improvements
  • Tax Labels
  • Easy Automations Improvements
  • Pipeline Analytics
  • Recurring Upsells
  • QR Code Contact Share

Here's a list of other updates and improvements we've made in the last 30 days. You can view more detail about each of these features in our product release notes.

  • Short Actions list on Keap reporting pages
  • Removal of Hot Leads list
  • Move the contact info “i” away from avatar

Let's take a look at what is coming up next month. We’ll bring you Easy Automations metrics and improvements to the contact type functionality. These improvements will make it easier to update the contact type, both automatically as well as in bulk. We’ll also bring the native HelloSign integration to Max classic users, which will allow you to trigger automation when a document is signed or send a document as part of an existing automation. Join me next month for more details. Bye!

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