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Customer Story | 3 min read

How Keap helps Light Align stay aligned

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Jenn Leslie

Bobbi Jo in her Light Align office

Dependability goes a long way when you’re a small, service-providing business. In fact, 97% of respondents to our 2018 Value Outcome Survey said dependability is a top deciding factor for them when hiring a service provider. Dependability was also one of the top 3 most important characteristics to drive satisfaction (along with trustworthiness and expertise), regardless of industry.

But being a service provider your customers can depend on is hard to do when you feel disorganized and overwhelmed by all your daily tasks. Take it from Keap customer Bobbi Jo Thuet, the owner of holistic health and wellness consulting business, Light Align.

Light Align finds a true business partner in Keap

Thuet helps her clients find positive sources of energy and guides their minds and bodies to optimal health and happiness. They depend on her to be calm and focused. But, when she first started her business in 2009, she was anything but.

“A lot of things got missed and I felt a little out of control and discombobulated a lot of the time,” she says. “There were a lot of papers, a lot of Post-Its, a lot of notebooks ... that said, ‘Call clients back, schedule these people,” but they’d inevitably get lost, leading her to miss opportunities not just to land a new client, but to provide them a great service provider they could depend on.

Thuet knew she needed help managing her appointments and responding to emails, but she didn’t have time to sit behind a desk day in and out complete these tasks. She also knew that she couldn’t create a centering experience for her clients if she was disorganized all the time, plus she needed to keep them engaged to ensure repeat business.

“The biggest challenge for me in keeping going was the logistical side,” she says. “Keap has been my answer.”

Just nine months after first using Keap, Thuet already sees a huge impact on how she manages her business and how she connects with her customers.

“My favorite thing about the Keap software would be ... how organized it keeps me,” she says of her experience. “I hang up a phone call and [the app] says, ‘How was your call?’ I then take the notes I made in the session on paper, and I then add it to the contact [record in Keap]. So now, the next time that contact asks for an appointment, I’m able to quickly look under their contact information and say, ‘Oh, look, this is what we did last time, we’re going to follow along and do something like this next time.’”

A business assistant at your fingertips any time, anywhere

Keap’s automated reminders also help to keep Thuet on track. With Keap, customers like Thuet have the ability to create auto-triggered reminders to complete certain actions, like call a prospect back, follow-up with a client after a service, and so on.

“If I’m supposed to send [my client] something, it reminds me to create that something and send it to them,” she says. “I now have this amazing email campaign that’s bringing me in business, doing exactly what I … want to be doing.”

Another way Thuet stays organized and on track is with the Keap mobile app. Thuet says she values the seamless ability to access all her client information and communication records on her phone and at her fingertips, as her job requires her to be constantly on the move. She also appreciates the simplicity of the app experience “for folks like me who aren’t computer-savvy.”

“Owning and running a business as the only employee makes me very busy,” she says. “[But] Keap is my first assistant. [It helps me] give the stellar service on the paperwork-logistic end, along with being able to give the stellar service in what I provide personally.”

Thuet helping customer

Thuet also says she values the time she saves by not having to hunt for client details and information. Thanks to Keap, Thuet is more organized, which gives her more time in her day to put her full focus into her clients and their needs and, ultimately, earning her repeat business and more clients.

“I am so much more on top of everything now!” she says. “It’s been awesome.”

To learn more about how Keap can help you stay on track, start a free trial today.

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