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Product Update | 3 min read

What Can Partner Edition Do for you?

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by Curtis Miller

Partner Edition was built for the Infusionsoft by Keap Certified Partner community to help effectively managing and supporting Infusionsoft by Keap clients, acquiring new Infusionsoft by Keap clients, getting them to measurable value faster, and scaling the Partner’s business to serve more clients more effectively It has hours of data and research into how Partners manage their clients and campaigns on a day-to-day basis.

Marketplace campaigns page

The Marketplace campaigns page is the first page that a Partner will see when logging into Partner Edition.

campaign marketplace

This page holds all of their campaign data from Marketplace, which includes how many times the campaign has been installed, how many times the campaign has been published and which installs have contacts running through the campaign. Partners quickly filter, sort, and search for campaigns that they want to drill into for more data analysis. When you click into a campaign the details you see consist of two primary topics; install summary and contacts summary. Then you see each install with the relevant information for that install.

campaign details

Campaign bundles

The bundles page is another great tool on the campaigns page. The bundles page is where partners can create packages of Marketplace campaign templates to install into their clients account quickly and efficiently.

campaign bundles

You are also able to create a cart link that can sell a new Infusionsoft by Keap account with the selected campaigns directly into the account as well. This will save partners around 33 percent of setup time, compared to similar steps the old way.

Clients page

The clients page is where partners can get a view of all their clients in one place. They also have the ability to see Customer Health Scores (CHS) and set up campaigns or implement previously built bundles to help boost their clients. When you click on a client you will be presented with a better breakdown of a client's Customer Health Score. You also can see their campaign performance metrics for all of the campaigns on the Infusionsoft by Keap account and see all of the data revolving around those campaigns. Company details is also displayed here so you can see more about the client you are working with.


How can customers benefit?

Partner Edition is currently released to all of our Certified Partners. Infusionsoft by Keap customers will benefit from Partner Edition right away from all of the features built to help Partners. Want to find a Partner? There are a few options: Marketplace houses many different campaigns built by Partners for customers, as well as listings for Partners along with their specialties; Business Heroes, formerly known as user groups, is a great way to meet local Partners and sync up with them on a regular basis; the Facebook Infusionsoft by Keap Certified Partner group is full of Partners that love to work with Infusionsoft by Keap customers; and the last way is word-of-mouth. If another small business is being helped by a Partner and you feel they may be a good fit with your company get in contact with them—Partners are a great wealth of a knowledge.

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