User Friendly & Simple CRM Software

Chapter 01: Keep it Simple

CRM software should be simple and easy to use, especially for small businesses. Small business owners don’t have time to learn a complicated interface, they need simple CRM software so they can focus on their customers.

Chapter 02: Why Small Businesses Need a Simple CRM Solution

1. Automate tasks

The first simple, easy CRM feature is saving time by automating tasks and taking tedious duties off the business owner as well as their employees’ hands. Let your CRM collect data, sync it and input it for you.

2. Customization

Another essential, but basic CRM tool is customization, which enables business owners to tailor their workflow to their needs. This yields more flexibility and improves productivity.

3. Integration

CRMs allow business owners to integrate their systems with essential programs and apps such as a calendar, payment systems and lead generation. With a CRM, it’s possible to integrate hundreds of apps to optimize and automate an entire business.

4. Easy on the budget

When it comes to startups, cost is one of the most important factors when deciding what’s essential for running the business. A basic CRM tool is an affordable way to organize and prioritize tasks that saves money on having to hire extra people to ensure all of that is taken care of.

5. Closing more deals

A simple CRM will help business owners move their leads through the sales funnel with ease. A CRM can help generate revenue faster, as it is easier to see where prospects are in the sales process and know when it’s time to close.

Chapter 03: Like Our CRM, the Choice Is Simple

Keap products stand out from the competition by turning more leads into satisfied clients with a simple CRM platform that moves prospects through the sales funnel with ease. A small business owner should consider a system such as Keap Grow for their CRM solution with the following features:

Sales Pipeline Management

The Keap pipeline feature is an interactive way for small business owners to track and manage their leads and clients throughout their sales process all in a single view. The customizable dashboard organizes prospects and tracks them, along with existing clients, throughout the sales process.

Contact Management

Keap’s updated messaging feature is another basic CRM system that eliminates ambiguity, helping small business owners stay organized and allowing for timely response to client needs. Keap alerts you when your leads and clients email, text or call so you’re quick to respond. Everything you need to achieve business or nurture your client is on your device.


Connect your data, applications, and devices from across your business to be more efficient and productive. Your centralized CRM platform integrates action plans, specialty apps, pre-built campaigns, services, and technology partners that extend the value of Keap and grow your business.

Mobile App

Keap’s simple CRM app is made for small business owners wanting to track every conversation in one place, add important details and take action after every call, take advantage of quick and convenient texting features and so much more. You can also track your calls and texts across your mobile and desktop devices with the Keap Business Line.