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eMail and CRM Workshop - Win More Business in Less Time

Smart CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and E-Mail Marketing software will offer you the true advantage in becoming a sales and service superhero! Smart CRM uses automation that seems almost magical to both you and your customers because it anticipates customer needs and your responses. E-Mail Marketing is the vehicle you use to reach your customers. Learn how to combine them for great business results.


November 13th, 2019

Kansas City, MO

Back To Basics - Get a 2020 Vision of Your Business

Get a 2020 Vision of Your Business. This 8 week business education series is designed to help a business of any size find their "blind spots" and truly see their business from a different perspective and create a new vision for their business for 2020.


Nov 6th, 2019, Nov 13th, 2019

Vancouver, WA

CEO Strategies to Recession Proof Your B2B Business

If you are the CEO of a B2B business that's been in business for at least one year - this workshop is for you! It's Q4 2019. Now is the time to strengthen your business in preparation for that downturn. We'll discuss actions specific for businesses who sell to corporate clients (B2B).


November 13th, 2019

Tempe, AZ

The Secrets to Getting More Emails Delivered

Here's what you'll discover when you attend the training:

-How email deliverability has changed forever
-The greatest challenges getting emails delivered that 99% of people don't know
-How to win the email R.A.C.E to the inbox
-The FREE Tools that you can start using today to help your deliverability


November 14th, 2019


Marketing Strategy Workshop

Is your business maximizing every available revenue opportunity? Join a full-day intensive workshop for business owners & executives where you'll create your custom plan to attract, convert, & retain more customers.


Nov 7th, 2019, Nov 14th, 2019

Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

Small Business Strategies for Earning Repeat Sales

In this presentation, we'll cover:

-Why customer loyalty and retention can be even more important than acquiring new customers
-Methods of generating repeat business and inspiring client loyalty
-Tools to help you grow repeat sales and retain clients
-Strategies used by small business owners to keep clients coming back for more


November 20th, 2019


Digital Marketing for StartUps

During this workshop you will reflect on things you most likely have not yet thought about when it comes to marketing. We will also give you examples of how you can use marketing automation to save both money and time, and help you business succeed.

The event is suited for people that have not yet started with their marketing, and for those who would like to improve their ROI of their current marketing efforts.


November 20th, 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

Follow Up Formula Live

In this one-of-a-kind 6-Hour Coaching Session, you'll be taught the Follow Up Formula - which means Jason Buckner will show you step-by-step what to do to increase webinar registrations, turn-up rate and dramatically increase webinar sales…and make it happen all automatically.

Coaching sessions

Nov 4th, 2019, Nov 21st, 2019

Las Vegas, NV and Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The Recession Paradox

Many small business owners easily lose confidence and give up. In many cases, that's the exact opposite reaction small business owners should have. This presentation will help you improve the health of your business and turn things around.


November 21st, 2019

Dublin, Ireland

Why the name change?

Infusionsoft is now Keap. Why? Because it takes perseverance to grow a successful small business, and we’re here to help.

Our mission remains the same: To simplify growth for millions of small businesses worldwide.

As Keap, we now offer a family of products designed to help small businesses no matter what stage they’re in.

We created Keap, the all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing platform for growing service businesses, because most small businesses need to start simple and grow over time.

Our top-tier product, Infusionsoft, is for small businesses with more advanced sales and marketing automation needs.

So whether you want to start simple or you’re ready for our most advanced edition, we offer a Keap product that will help you get organized, deliver great service, and grow your business.

Keep going. Keep serving. Keep growing.

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