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10 things every small business should automate

The most important automations for taking your small business to the next level

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You want more leads, more sales, more payments. You want to grow your business and live the entrepreneurial dream.

But there aren’t enough hours in the day. You and your team are already overwhelmed with your current workload, so how can you take on even more growth?

Automate repetitive tasks like lead collection, follow-up, and invoicing so your time is freed up to focus on what matters most — whether that’s growing your business, actually having free time again, or both.

The list of things you can automate is almost endless, but we’ve curated a list of 10 things to automate right away — often in just a few minutes. This is the low-hanging fruit of automation.

Start with these essential automations, see how much time you save, and you’ll then start to wonder, “What else can I automate?”

10 things every small business should automate

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