Finding links to leads

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Finding links to leads

It’s a gold mine for small business. 400 million people are using it, but only 50 percent of small businesses are taking advantage of LinkedIn. Download this guide for practical tips on how you can: 

  • Create and optimize your LinkedIn pages for 14x more views
  • Find the right customers through Targeted and Sponsored Updates
  • Use “social selling” techniques that turn 45 percent more leads into customers
  • Generate 50 percent more comments on your updates
  • …and more!

Why the name change?

Our new product, Keap, is pioneering smart client management, just as Infusionsoft did for sales and marketing automation 18 years ago.

We believe there’s a better way to manage sales for service businesses both big and small. And that’s Keap—one company with two products to serve all small businesses.

Smart client management software that helps turn incoming leads into satisfied clients.

The #1 all-in-one CRM and advanced marketing automation platform, as rated by G2 Crowd.

Keep serving. Keep striving. Keep growing.