How to achieve work/life balance

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How to achieve work/life balance

Learn how small business owners just like you are achieving harmony between the demands of their work and lives.

Work-life balance. It’s become one of those phrases that is tossed around frequently in the small business world. This guide contains case studies from three passionate entrepreneurs sharing the reality of their life and work and their tips for balance, as well as actionable tools, apps and techniques from experts to help you work smarter, have an unplugged vacation and make the most of your valuable time.

For small business owners, work, passion and life overlap. 70% have sacrificed family or vacation time for work. Even on vacation, entrepreneurs find it hard to completely unplug from their businesses; 63% report that they are still checking their smart phones once or twice each day, and 58% feel guilty about taking any time off at all. Money fears further complicate things.

More than half of small business owners surveyed have gone without paychecks, a quarter of those for longer than a year. Small business owners are working longer days, more hours each week—including more weekends—and taking less vacation time than they were five years ago. Only 29% of business owners report feeling satisfied with their work/life balance, and 48% have suffered from work-related stress in the past year—to the extent that their stress had an impact on the lives of others. In fact, 44% of entrepreneurs believe that the stress of business has damaged their health.

Despite a growing body of evidence about the benefits of vacations, shorter work hours and self care, small business owners are struggling to turn the suggestions of the experts into workable solutions that can be incorporated into the reality of their business.

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