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How to fill your events using Twitter

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Download this guide to learn how to market on twitter to boost your event participation

Keap Social Media Strategist, Michael R. Hunter, provides information on how to market on Twitter and how you can use it as a tool to amplify your marketing efforts around events before, during, and after they take place. You’ll learn tips and ideas for incorporating Twitter into your next event marketing strategy, as well as:

  • Why Twitter is such a strong event resource
  • What kinds of events are promotable via Twitter
  • How to create your Twitter event marketing strategy
  • How to implement your Twitter event marketing strategy
  • Pre and post-event techniques for success

Supercharging your event marketing

Instead of turning on the television, tuning into the radio, or opening the newspaper, audiences turn to search engines and social media for event information. Before registering for an event, people often search social channels to hear what others are saying about the event.

Many people turn to Twitter for this information, since hashtags and advanced search capabilities make it easy to find conversations around any given topic. Since Twitter users are limited to 140 characters in their Tweets, people know they’ll be able to find content that is direct and to the point. Within a matter of seconds, a person can read several Tweets around any topic and get a decent understanding of their peers’ opinions about a specific product, service, or upcoming event.

With the strategies and tactics outlined in this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage Twitter to facilitate conversation around your event. It’s these conversations that will drive more awareness, skyrocket your engagement, and ultimately increase the attendance to your next event.

How to fill your events using Twitter

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