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Guide to hosting a better webinar

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Your guide to creating a killer webinar that will wow your audience

Webinars are one of the most effective and convenient content experiences available today. 

Attendees have the opportunity to interact with the presenter, the content and their peers during a segment with little regard to their geographical location.  Webinars are cost-effective and can be repurposed for other efforts. Unfortunately, webinars can also be the place where information goes to die in a sea of disorganization, technical difficulties and boredom. This guide will help you to navigate the webinar waters to host better, more engaging and effective webinars.

You will learn:

  • How to determine if a webinar is a good fit
  • How to select the best theme for your webinar
  • 8 steps to produce a successful webinar
  • Best practices for webinar delivery
  • Webinar do's and don'ts
  • Tips for engagement
  • How to best promote your webinar
  • How to create your webinar timeline
Guide to hosting a better webinar

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