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Learn how to build a small business marketing strategy

Keap Brand Journalist, Andrea Parker, showcases The Rocket Company, which won the ICON 2013 contest for using innovative strategies and tactics to succeed in their sales and marketing. We provide real examples of The Rocket Company’s success to show you an array of proven strategies you’ll be able to implement in your small business marketing strategy. In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The Lifecycle Automation strategies The Rocket Company uses to be successful
  • Tips for all seven stages from the Lifecycle
  • Why free lead magnets are a great way to attract new leads
  • How to effectively nurture leads with personalized follow-up

Making a difference

The essence of a successful small business marketing strategy is targeting a consumer need and providing an excellent solution. It is through these solutions we find new ways to do business, interact with one another, carry out our daily lives and allow our own dreams to flourish. The goal of Keap is to help small businesses succeed by giving them the solutions they need and helping to foster their growth, so that they can make a difference in the lives of their customers.

In 2010, we wanted to find the best of the best and launched the Ultimate
Marketer contest to see which of their customers uses their web-based sales and marketing software in the most effective and creative ways possible. Now, the contest features well over 50 entries. Applicants must fill out a lengthy application that asks for the company’s background story, software implementation process, examples of successful and creative marketing campaigns through each of the seven stages of
Lifecycle Automation, as well as the difference Keap has made in both business and personal lives.

After reviewing the submissions for 2013, our panel of judges selected three finalists, each of which presented on-stage during ICON, a conference held by Keap. Conference attendees voted online and the 2013 Ultimate
Marketer Winner was announced: The Rocket Company.

Market like the ultimate marketers

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