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Sales team hiring guide

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Get a head start on finding the right salesperson for your small business

As a small business owner, you’ve always been your company’s head of sales—not to mention trouble-shooter, receptionist, light-bulb changer and, oh yeah, founder and owner. But now the company’s grown to the point that you recognize you can’t do everything.

A salesperson is someone you’ll rely on not just to expand your client list and your sales, but to tell your company’s story every day. For a head start on finding just the right person to fill those gigantic shoes, consider the tools and guidance in this helpful guide full of practical tips.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • 7 things to look for in a quality resume
  • The ultimate interview question guide (and the answers you want to hear)
  • 5 questions to ask on a phone screen and in-person interviews
  • 5 questions to ask references
  • How to attract and retain top-notch sales people
  • How to pay your new sales team
  • 7 tools and tips to help your sales team succeed.
  • A first year roadmap for your sales rep

Like any new venture, hiring salespeople can seem mystifying at first. This guide offers a clear, straightforward path to identifying, hiring and nurturing the people you need to make a great company better.

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Sales team hiring guide

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