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Marketing for service providers

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Learn how to market a service business

Keap Brand Journalist, Andrea Parker, pairs with Dr. Dustin Burleson of Burleson Orthodontics to give you valuable insight on how to market a service. They provide a series of practical steps you can take to ensure long-term marketing success, as well as information on how to:

  • Create a positive client experience
  • Be more visible in your community
  • Use marketing automation in a personal way
  • Leverage social media and special offers
  • Build a referral network to grow sales

Servicing your customers

Marketing any small business successfully can be a challenge. But for service providers, the rules of the marketing game change substantially. For example, you don’t see your customers several times per week, like in a restaurant or coffee shop. Sometimes your services are elective, and people must choose if they want to spend their fresh-from-the-recession dollars on your services or something else.

Despite a trickier path, service providers still have ample opportunities to keep clients engaged, build relationships, and achieve marketing success.

You may have heard that “your first impression is also your last impression.” This is especially true in the services sector. Your clients may walk into an office, spend a few minutes in a waiting room, interact with staff members and take in the scenery. From the moment a client walks through the front door, it’s important that they feel welcome, perceive an air of professionalism, and aren’t intimidated or turned off by the demeanor of your staff. You want your clients to have a pleasant experience even before you meet them face-to-face. When it happens, they’ll feel comfortable with you and ready to proceed with your services.

Marketing for service providers

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