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How actual small business owners are succeeding with automation

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It's not easy being a small business owner. You wear many hats -- you need to professionally serve existing customers, stay on top of collecting leads, work on converting clients and focus on creating fans willing to provide referrals or talk your business up on social media.

Who couldn't use a little inspiration?!

Well now you have it. See how actual small business owners are crushing the responsibilities of small business ownership while generating more revenue, pivoting their businesses to evolve with changing times and achieving work/life balance. In this guide, you'll get insights into:

  • How a music company in the United Kingdom nearly quadrupled revenue;
  • How a sports organization for kids pivoted during the pandemic and grew its lead list;
  • How a publishing company doubled its conversion rates and quadrupled referrals; and
  • How a magician tripled his revenue and has more time to spend with his family.
How actual small business owners are succeeding with automation

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