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Meet Mwale and Chantel Henry, THE WINNERS OF 2020’s IKON AWARDS!!!!

Not to mention owners and founders of The Best Sellers Academy where they help speakers and aspiring authors gain visibility and brand credibility by turning their story into a bestselling book.

Keap has a special place in its business tech heart for these two. Listen in and learn from Mwale and Chantel about their business, the four P’s of possibility, and their journey to find one another.

This show is an absolute delight, we’ll discuss how these two used their disparate upbringings (Chantel, growing up in the streets of Baltimore and Mwale a world away in Trinidad) to inform how they approach business, customer interaction, and mission focus.

Hear Chantel as she lays out The Four P’s of Possibility:

  • Process
  • Partnership
  • Profitability
  • Purpose

“Great leaders talk about it. When you cast a vision, you have to visit it often. You can't just cast it in a board meeting, you can't cast it sitting at the dining table talking to yourself. There are days it's not working. And that's when you have to visit that vision often.

Not only did we change our process in terms of being able to document the experience in our business, because what's not documented can't be managed. Everyone's talking about pivot. But we've learned, when we went through the process of doing an audit in our business and removing the dysfunction, things that can't be tracked, shout out to Keap for helping us to be able to track what's happening in your business, be able to document, be able to build the right type of campaigns, and we identify those gaps, we realized we didn't need to pivot, we needed to persevere, because, yes, it's good to talk about pivoting, but sometimes as entrepreneurs, it's tempting to use that as a sexy way to say; ‘I’m giving up. I am giving up. It's too hard, I'm giving up’.” - Mwale Henry

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