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Ask the Expert—Remarketing, Targeting and Tracking

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Dusey Van Dusen: Hello, listeners. This is Dusey the producer of the Small Business Success podcast, and we have several very special guests joining us today. I wanna start off with Crystal. Hi, Crystal.

Crystal: Hi, Dusey.

Dusey Van Dusen: Now, I believe you've been on once before, right?

Crystal: Just once.

Dusey Van Dusen: Just one time. Well, thanks for joining us again, Crystal.

Crystal: Thank you.

Dusey Van Dusen: Can you tell us what you do here at Infusionsoft, a little bit about you?

Crystal: Sure. I'm the Social Media Manager, [00:00:30] and I manage all of our social channels. Follow us on all of them.

Dusey Van Dusen: Yes, all the channels, every one.

Crystal: All of them.

Dusey Van Dusen: Our other special guests today are Logan Young and Dennis Yu. Hey, guys, how's it going?

Logan Young: Doing great. It's, what, Monday afternoon.

Dusey Van Dusen: Yeah.

Logan Young: Starting the week off good on a podcast. I'm excited to be here.

Dusey Van Dusen: The most high-energy time of the week, Monday afternoon, right?

Logan Young: Yeah. The most productive. Gotta start the week off right.

Dusey Van Dusen: So, Logan, you are the co-founder of BlitzMetrics, and Dennis, you're the Chief Technology Officer. Is that right?

Dennis Yu: I'm [00:01:00] tech support.

Dusey Van Dusen: Tech support, fantastic. Why don't you guys tell us a little bit about BlitzMetrics and what you guys do?

Logan Young: Sure. So, BlitzMetrics we're known. We're an ad agency. We work with a lot of big clients. We do the ad work for the Golden State Warriors. We've worked with Nike, Rosetta Stone, and some other big household names in the past.

Dusey Van Dusen: That's awesome.

Logan Young: The vision of our company is actually to provide jobs and training for young adults. So, we're very education oriented. We love to come on podcasts, do speaking. Dennis and I will be going to Sydney later this month, right after Thanksgiving actually, to do some speaking [00:01:30] there. We speak a lot at startups and these different groups. So, we're very much education oriented, and just always excited to share.

Dusey Van Dusen: Fantastic. So, our topic today is digital plumbing for small businesses. So, when Crystal was talking to me about this idea earlier of digital plumbing, and it took me a moment to kind of ... Okay. What are we talking about? What does that mean? That's something that you guys talked about, so maybe you can just give our listeners an introduction to what you even mean when you say that.

Crystal: When they explain it, it's gonna be like [00:02:00] a piece of cake. It was really the delivery that was troublesome for you.

Logan Young: Yeah. No. Definitely. Totally understand where that's coming from. There's two keywords in digital plumbing that throw people. The first is plumbing itself. When someone thinks of plumbing, they think of a toilet or a sink and a plumber coming over. So, digital plumbing, people aren't really sure what that means. Basically, it's just having all your tracking in place. So that, if you think of a pipe, and you're running water through it, the water in this case represents your traffic. So, online traffic you're sending users, and you just don't want to have anyone left behind.

[00:02:30] So, maybe you guys have seen the movie Trolls. It's a little kids movie. My niece loves it. So, I've seen it about 100 times now, because she watches it every time she's over on Sunday. They have this part where they're like, "No troll left behind." So, digital plumbing's about leaving no users behind.

Dusey Van Dusen: That's awesome.

Logan Young: The other keyword, which we'll talk about a little bit later, is pixel. A pixel is not something in Photoshop. It's not a little dot that's representing an image. It's part of plumbing, but those are the two keywords. That's what it is in essence, so, just tracking your users online.

Dusey Van Dusen: Okay. So, why is it important [00:03:00] to keep track? This is something that, ever since I started at Infusionsoft, I've been learning about keeping track of potential customers as they're going through the journey and getting to know us. From your perspective, why is that so important?

Logan Young: Based off what a user is doing or not doing determines what kind of content you might show them. So, if they've been to your website or they've never been to your website, those are two different users. So, therefore, I might want to show them two different pieces of content. If someone was just at my sight, [00:03:30] and they were on the page where it's add to cart, and they were just about to purchase my product, but then at the last second they didn't, as opposed to someone that's never been to my site and never interacted with my brand.

Two different users, I have two different messages I wanna show to them. So, plumbing is having my bucket set up so that based on the actions someone takes, if they watch my video, if they come to my site, if they click Like on one of my Facebook posts, if they click Like on one of my Instagram posts, if they purchase my product, anytime anyone takes any of these actions, plumbing is having a bucket to gather all those users into one bucket. [00:04:00] So that I can say, "For each bucket of action someone takes, I can then show them a specific piece of content." So, maybe someone's purchased my product before, I might wanna say, "Hey, we're having another sale. Buy some more t-shirts. Buy some more whatever it is, gift cards."

Dusey Van Dusen: Yeah.

Logan Young: Someone that's never even interacted with me, I'm gonna say something different to them.

Dennis Yu: So, let the geek come in and say something on top of what Logan said. So, increasingly, digital plumbing is more important, because you've got people that you're engaging with on multiple channels, right? They've [00:04:30] watched a video on Facebook. They've Tweeted at you. You've got them on your email list. They've been to your website. So, if you want to better manage those customer relationships, to track where and at what stage you are with each of these customers ... So, if they've engaged with you and watched three videos on Facebook, maybe it's time to collect an email address. If they've been to your site, but they're not a fan, or if they're a fan, and they've bought something before, maybe you're gonna treat them differently.

So, if you truly want to personalize, all the small businesses we know that are working with Infusionsoft are using email to deepen those customer relationships, [00:05:00] instead of just bombarding people with more emails to try to buy stuff. So, when you have digital plumbing and you can start to bucket these people into the depth of the relationship that you have with them, you can actually do a personalized recommendation. Now, what's happened, in 2017 especially, is that now you're going cross-channel. So, your email, and your web, and your social, those big three, have to work together.

Crystal: Totally.

Dennis Yu: If you use just Google Analytics and AdWords, then you only see one part. If you use just Infusionsoft, you don't see the social part. If you use just Facebook and all their different [00:05:30] tools, you don't see email and web. So, digital plumbing is the pixels, it's the tracking, it's the UTM parameters. It's all those things that you know you need, just like going to the dentist. You kind of don't want to visit the dentist, but you know you need to.

Dusey Van Dusen: So, what immediately comes to my mind when I hear that is, there's a lot of channels that we need to be tracking. There's a lot of different buckets that we can start putting people into. So, where does somebody start that really hasn't been communicating this way with their potential customers? How do they know what buckets to make? [00:06:00] How do they know where to start finding out if things are effective?

Logan Young: The best place to start is ... Hopefully, you have a website, that the website will convert the traffic. There's different channels you can advertise on. There's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat. They each have their own variations of plumbing or they have pixels, which a pixel is, you put it on your site, and then if a user goes to your site, it tracks it. So, each of these different channels will offer you help. For example, putting a Facebook pixel on the site is super easy. Facebook [00:06:30] gives you the code, they step you through it.

Dusey Van Dusen: Okay.

Logan Young: Here's like a three-step process, but you have to start with the platform where you're getting the most traffic. So, we like to talk about Facebook, but maybe you're getting more traffic on Google, or maybe Twitter, or something. So, start with whatever channel you have the most traffic [crosstalk 00:06:45] already. Then just get the pixel from that channel implemented on your site, so you can start seeing when they're leaving social media and going to your site, and where the drops are happening, when they're not converting, and how you can retarget to them.

[crosstalk 00:06:57]

Dusey Van Dusen: Oh, go ahead.

Crystal: I actually just [00:07:00] had the opportunity to go to one of the BlitzMetrics workshops. The digital plumbing was a little bit tough for me to grasp at first. Luckily, when I came back, I was asking the right people the right questions, and we did have the Facebook pixel. I've been kind of testing that.

I have to say, the other day I was like, "Maybe if someone's been visiting our website in the last seven days, they didn't see enough of what they wanted to make a move. So, I'm gonna go ahead and target them with a Facebook ad for anyone who's visited our site in the last seven days with one of our [00:07:30] customer success stories, that are awesome stories about the businesses and how they've used Infusionsoft to really grow their business."

So, I don't have the results yet, but I'm really excited to see if that gets them a little bit warmer, and a little bit further down the sales funnel, at least in the idea of who we are and if we can accomplish what they need. So, that's just one way I've been trying the pixel out and the digital plumbing.

Male: Awesome.

Dennis Yu: So, Crystal's talking about is the first application of having plumbing in place, which is remarketing. Remarketing is just like you see a pair of shoes [00:08:00] on Amazon or somewhere, and then they follow you around all over the Internet, wherever you go, right?

Male: Start seeing ads for that everywhere, right?

Dennis Yu: Right. So, that's an example of web remarketing, where you saw something on the web, and then it followed you around. Now, if you've got plumbing, you can have web remarketing, social remarketing, and email remarketing, right? That's how you bring those two together.

So, think about the example like Logan mentioned, someone who added it to cart, but they didn't buy, because they weren't quite ready then. Crystal mentioned, someone came to the site to check out Infusionsoft, but they're not quite ready to make that purchase. Think about the different stages in your funnel, [00:08:30] and that's where you're gonna start with with digital plumbing. The last thing you want is a leaky set of faucets, like the toilet that's overflowing, you don't want that kind of situation.

Crystal: Definitely. No one wants that.

Dennis Yu: You want your plumbing to be clean. You want accurate tracking. You're gonna focus on where you're already getting the most results, like Logan said. So, the checklist on how to put that together, as Crystal said, is daunting, but you don't have to do the whole thing.

Crystal: No.

Dennis Yu: Like Logan said, just focus on ... If you're getting the most ROI because you're sending out emails, [00:09:00] you can set it up so that people that opened an email will get an additional message on Facebook. People that haven't been engaging with you through email, you can send them another message on Facebook. People who engaged on Facebook, you can then engage with them on email. You can cross any of those channels. It's less about the technology, but it's more about what is the next thing you wanna say to somebody if someone doesn't do the thing that you want, the next step, right?

Dusey Van Dusen: Yeah, really thinking through what that journey looks like for that spiderweb of possibilities, focusing on the ones where the most traffic is first and where [00:09:30] those biggest leaks are.

Male: Right.

Dusey Van Dusen: Does that sound right?

Male: Yeah. It's an amplifier. Where can I get a bigger bang for the buck where I have an existing signal.

Dusey Van Dusen: Awesome. So, another question I wanna ask you ... You guys at BlitzMetrics, you guys help people do this, right? So, if somebody's looking for help ... Obviously, you guys can all go check out BlitzMetrics for sure. What sort of questions should they be asking?

If there's a small business owner saying, "Okay. This sounds awesome. I want to get this strategy implemented into my small business, but there's no way that I'm gonna be able to do it on my own," [00:10:00] whether they're not savvy enough, or they don't feel they're savvy enough, or maybe they just simply don't have the time. What small business have you heard of that's just like, "Oh, I've got loads of free time to do all this other stuff, right?" So, what questions should they be asking if they're looking for help from somebody to implement this into their business?

Male: So, in terms of the questions they should be asking, plumbing is super important. It's something they need to know. Before you can even think about advertising, you wanna have your tracking in place. It's something that can be intimidating to a lot of people, because it's kind of this unknown thing, and you have to place [00:10:30] pixels on websites, and you have to deal with a little bit of code. So, a lot of small business owners are very hands-off when it comes to that. So, there's a few things. A) recognize if you have your plumbing in place or not. If you don't know, then you probably don't, right?

Dusey Van Dusen: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Male: So, B) is get it solved. So, in terms of getting help, I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that do it. All the different channels will offer you FAQ help, where they'll tell you how to do it. We also sell plumbing packages, starting around $97. EXPRESS Plumbing done-for-you package at $500, where our specialists just zip, [00:11:00] do it all for you, hands-off if you don't wanna do it.

Dusey Van Dusen: That's awesome.

Male: We have the guy too, where if you wanna learn it, do it yourself. There's different ways you can do it, right? Different ways you can skin a cat. So, we have our own ways of doing plumbing, that we want things a certain way, and that we believe are optimal, and everyone needs to have. So, for us, that's what our guy goes over, is those things. Boom, boom, boom, here's the things you need to have. Here's how to do it. Go for it. We have the do-it-yourself approach and the done-for-you approach.

Dusey Van Dusen: That's fantastic. So, if somebody wanted to find out more about you guys, where would you have our listeners go to check out BlitzMetrics?

Male: So, for plumbing, they [00:11:30] can got to BlitzMetrics.com/GTM, which is short for Google Tag Manager. We use Google Tag Manager to manage all the pixels. When we set up plumbing, we want Google's remarketing, Facebook's remarketing, and sometimes Twitter and LinkedIn. We wanna set up the UTM parameters properly. We wanna link the AdWords with the Google Analytics. We wanna tie-in Infusionsoft to custom audiences. We wanna measure what the overlaps are between these different audiences. Now, if you're a small business, I view this as like assembling IKEA furniture, right? You could probably sit down there and mess around, but then you put the chair [00:12:00] on the wrong way or something [inaudible 00:12:02].

Crystal: Totally.

Male: You hire someone who is like a college kid that's been certified in our program that we're paying anywhere from 10 to 20 bucks an hour, and then they do that. The money that we receive goes into paying for their education. So, that's the purpose of our company, is creating jobs for young adults.

Dusey Van Dusen: That's fantastic. I love that.

Crystal: I'll tell you right now, I would be someone to give you the 500 right away. I understand sales. I understand small business. I definitely understand marketing, but I don't understand code or any of that. So, I would be here's [00:12:30] all my money. Take it all and do it for me.

Dusey Van Dusen: That is really not bad at all. Yeah, for sure. Cool. Well, thank you guys for joining us, all three of you, on the Small Business Success podcast. We will see you all next time on the next episode of the Small Business Success podcast.

Male: Sounds good.

Male: Thanks, Dusey.

Dusey Van Dusen: That was a really weak [inaudible 00:12:49].

Male: You can record one later [inaudible 00:12:52].

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