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Crafting your customer avatar

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It is critically important to the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and delivery of services that you have a deep understanding of who your Customer Avatar is. You've likely heard the phrase, "You can't hit a target you haven't set." This applies beautifully to the importance of having a clearly defined Customer Avatar.

Having a deep understanding of a clearly defined Customer Avatar will help you:* Determine what social platforms they are spending their time on so that you know where your business should be present and active.* Be more effective in your advertising. Your marketing dollars will be well spent when you know where to advertise and who to target to maximize your exposure.* Better connect with your customers with your content because you will have an understanding of their pains, pleasures, desires and wants.* Deliver and develop better products/services because you are able to anticipate your market’s needs, behaviors, and concerns.

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Crafting your customer avatar

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