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How to Market to Generation Z

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Generation Z offers small businesses A LOT to like - the potential for lifetime engagement, buying power that is only increasing, and a high level of comfort with technology.

But Gen Zers are pros at ignoring “one-size-fits-all advertising,” so it's critical that your marketing messages are timely and personalized to meet them where they are when they’re ready to buy.

In this on-demand webinar, Keap's Small Business Growth Expert Jack Smithson shares the keys to marketing to Generation Z:

  • Characteristics of the Gen Z consumer and why they matter for your business
  • What they value and what they relate to in advertising
  • How to reach Gen Z with your marketing
  • How to keep your Gen Z customers

Plus, Jack will show you how to set up multi-channel automated follow-up that is personalized to the actions your leads take so you can capture and convert more Gen Z prospects.

How to Market to Generation Z

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