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Keap reviews from real customers

“We use Keap to provide great service and personal touches that win referrals and retain customers.”

— Lisa and Hamish Macqueen, Cleancorp Founders

CleanCorp Founders

Some Keap customer reviews from:

These entrepreneurs reviewed Keap. Here’s what they said.

"Auto-magic... like an assistant that does what you want, the way you want it without needing to tell it over and over again. Great for those functions that are important but highly repetitive."

Colin J
via G2

"Keap really has the best application where you really get it all under one hood. From landing pages, web form, CRM, and even e-commerce are all here."

Wayne Law
via Software Advice

"[Keap] increased list retention, engagement, growth, and satisfaction."

Ashlie Pappas
Naturally Ashlie
via TrustRadius

"The team at Keap have always been prompt and responsive when I've needed assistance. They NEVER make me feel dumb when I didn't know something or cast any shame when I totally screwed things up. Keap is a great product, cost-effective, and has more bells and whistles then I know what to do with."

Les Patterson
via Trustpilot

"Keap really does automate your business which allows a business owner more time for what they should be doing and less time bogged down with paperwork. It also allows a business owner to have a bird's-eye-view of all the activity in their business which is crucial for business growth!"

Janine Davison
Exposure Coach
via Software Advice

"We use [Keap] for lead capture and nurture, closing business, and managing upsells. The automation side of things has made life much simpler, and now I know who all my leads are. All of their information is in one easy to search place, and I can segment them effectively. It makes knowing who needs what from me easy and it helps ensure no one falls between the cracks."

Sean Adams
Heroic Voice Academy
via TrustRadius

"Keap is now one of my "employees" that works 24/7 for me and my business."

Nick Petryk
via Capterra

"A company that is ever evolving is a company that will always progress and satisfy its end users. Keap has done a remarkable job with evolving the software and has helped my business grow! They also do a great job of interacting with their clients. Pretty cool. Thanks, Keap! Keep up the great work!"

Chas L. Sampson
via Trustpilot

"I HIGHLY recommend Keap for any start-up business as well as an established business.
I've used several other platforms and none of them have been anywhere near as powerful and flexible as Keap. There's nothing that I've wanted to do in my marketing, customer retention and tracking that I haven't been able to do with Keap.
It's very user friendly and the support is fantastic!"

via Trustpilot

Illustration of the Keap Difference

The Keap difference

In 2019 Infusionsoft rebranded as Keap. We didn’t drop Infusionsoft, instead we expanded our small business email marketing software catalog to provide CRM, sales, and marketing platforms to help all small to medium sized businesses with next level growth (and a lot less work).

Keap was built with a focus on small business. Our CRM, sales and email marketing platform not only cuts out busy work and repeat tasks to make your work days easier, but accelerates growth like never before. More business, less work, that’s Keap.

The Mosquito Squad success story

See how they increased revenue by 70% in 7 months

Mosquito Squad’s email program wasn't adapting to the company's needs. Leads were getting lost, and hours were wasted trying to reach clients over the phone.

See their story

After just 7 months with Keap

  • Sales grew from $1M to $1.7M—that's a 70% increase!
  • Client base expanded from 2,200 to 3,500
“A business is like another child. It takes a lot of nurturing, a lot of time, and a lot of commitment.”

— Damien Sanchez

What can Keap do for you?

By automating your repeat emails and other messages, you’ll reclaim hours of your life. Keap increases the speed of your customer follow-ups to improve client retention. With all your info in one place, you’ll see improved customer experience and satisfaction. All this converges to make life easier while boosting your business growth.


  • 28+ hours saved per month
  • 24% client retention increase
  • 25% boost in client satisfaction
  • 35% client database growth
  • 29% increase in sales
Tyler New Media

Tyler New Media multiplied their revenue by 566% while reducing the time they spend on their business by 50%.

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