Win the Job With Client Management

Chapter 01: How Client Management Can Help You Win the Job

What Is Client Management?

Every interaction you have with current or potential clients— from emails to tweets to phone calls — falls under the umbrella of client management.

Client management is all about positively managing the relationship between your company and your customer base to help generate new business, improve retention, and maintain your brand reputation. A successful client management program is built on a deep understanding of your clients needs and what they’re asking for, which allows you to deliver on those needs with targeted, personalized communication.

While the term client management is often used when referring to existing customers, it can also help you in the early stages to land new clients. First impressions are everything and by building a solid foundation from the start, you’ll be able to earn trust from prospects.

Strong client management can also help set yourself apart from your competitors. If a prospect is considering three companies that all offer the same service, she’s more likely to go with the business who took the time to build an authentic relationship with her.

How to Better Manage Client Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of business. And, while there are some tried-and-true ways to build positive connections, the most important thing you can do is be yourself. Prospects want to feel like they’re talking to a real person, not a robotic salesperson who sticks to a script. It’s the little things, like cracking a joke or going the extra mile to find information, that make the difference.

In addition to being yourself, here are three ways to better manage client relationships:

  1. Be transparent: Don’t over-promise or set unrealistic expectations. If your product or service can’t meet the prospect’s specific need, be honest and suggest possible solutions that could work. In the same vein, if you don’t know the answer to something, just say so. You’ll look much more credible if you take the time to investigate the answer offline than if you give a half-baked answer in real time.
  2. Document important information: Exceptional client management means you actively listen and remember what your customers tell you. Whenever you’re talking to a prospect or client, take notes. What challenges are they facing? What is and isn’t working for them? What is happening in their personal lives? By capturing these details, the little pieces of information come together to paint a clearer picture of who your client is, helping you to deliver more personalized communication.
  3. Respond to clients quickly: Timeliness is key when trying to land a job. Something as simple as responding to an inquiry, feedback, or comment within 24 hours can make the prospect feel valued and appreciated. You don’t even have to respond fully, but take the time to acknowledge that you received their message.

How Keap Can Help

Client management starts by having the right mindset. To actually execute and deliver a phenomenal customer experience, you need the right tools.

Client management, appointment, and payments software like Keap lets you intelligently get daily work done, combining all your essentials tools into one app and removing friction from your customer interactions. It eliminates repetitive tasks, like scheduling meetings or sending quotes, to save you time and alleviate stress.

Here are four ways Keap can help with client management:

  • Schedule meetings and appointments without hassle: The quickest way to start a relationship off on the wrong foot is to constantly reschedule your first meeting. Respect your client’s time and remove the back-and-forth emailing by sending an online link that allows customers or prospects to choose from available meeting times. Once a time is booked, a confirmation email is sent out and your Google Calendar is automatically updated. Everyone is on the same page and properly prepared.
  • Create and send quotes easily: Streamline the proposal process for both you and your prospects. Quickly create and send quotes, then Keap will notify you when the client views or accepts it. You’ll also get a pre-written reminder email you can customize and send to help you get your quote accepted.
  • Allow customers to easily accept meetings and quotes: Keap not only lets you work more efficiently, it also helps your customers save time. They no longer have to print a PDF quote, sign it, and scan it back to you. When they receive a quote through Keap, all they need to do is click a button to accept it.
  • Automate follow-up reminders for meetings and quotes: Follow-ups are inevitable, but instead of relying on memory to ping your clients, automate all that communication with Keap. When you schedule meetings in Keap, prospects automatically receive a reminder email before the meeting starts. The same happens when you send a quote: if a prospect hasn’t responded, you can customize a templated follow-up email that reminders the prospect to view the quote.

Want to see how Keap can help you stay connected with your prospects and clients? Start your free trial today. No credit card required.