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9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Sara Korn

Updated: Dec 02, 2022 · 5 min read

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Entrepreneurs work hard all year ‘round, especially during the holidays. If you count a small business owner among your loved ones (or are one yourself), you know it’s a job with a lot of rewards but also a lot of stress.

We’ve curated this gift guide to help you pamper, inspire, and support the entrepreneur in your life, for a variety of budgets.

1. Cheer them on

In the post pandemic economy, more people than ever are starting new businesses. And it’s not always an easy path — OK, it’s rarely easy at all. Small gifts like these can serve as a year-round reminder that you’re in their corner through thick and thin.

2. Make working from home healthier

For entrepreneurs working from home, at their desks for long hours every day, it’s important to have good ergonomics. These gadgets can help:

3. Get them moving… at their desk

For small business owners who simply can’t drag themselves away from their desk for a much-needed walk, consider these creative ways to help them exercise while working:

4. Help them get organized

Small business owners have a LOT going on. And sometimes organization isn’t a top priority. From little things like organizers to game-changing software tools, these gifts can help the ambitious entrepreneur in your life keep their many ducks in a row.

5. Assist them away from the office

For the entrepreneur on the go, consider gifts to help them work from anywhere with ease.

6. Get them moving… out of the house

If the small business owner in your life has trouble finding the time to exercise, consider offering to go with them, and pre-purchase a membership for two at a local workout center. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Gym membership
  • Yoga classes
  • Zumba or kickboxing

7. Create a self-care package

Make it easy for your favorite entrepreneur to devote an evening to self-care with a gift basket of goodies. Take your gift to the next level by offering to watch their kids/pet/hotline so they can relax without interruptions.

Pampering gift basket suggestions:

  • Bubble bath + candles + comfy pajamas
  • Favorite movies + popcorn + movie candy
  • Massage gift certificate + skin scrub + scented oils
  • Sports tickets + gift certificate to favorite sports bar

8. Find them expert help

Even the most dedicated small business owners can’t do everything themselves. Whether they need help with their marketing strategy, designing their website, or getting dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, there’s a professional who can help with that.

  • Keap Marketplace — Sales and marketing consulting, done-for-you campaigns, websites, and more
  • AllBetter or Handy apps — House cleaning, handyman, landingscaping, and more
  • Cook Unity — Meal delivery service

9. Give the gift of automation

Gifts and gadgets are great, but what really warms the heart during the holidays is knowing you helped make a business owner’s life easier — not just this month, but every month.

If you know a successful entrepreneur whose growing business has them buried under a mountain of repetitive tasks, sales and marketing automation may be just the thing they need to set them free.

Whatever the business owner in your life needs most right now, the most important thing is letting them know how much you care and that you’re always there to back them up.

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