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Top 9 online courses to take during pandemic

Irina Weber

Updated: Dec 19, 2023 · 6 min read

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the world. While many people are under quarantine, they're discovering more free time than usual. If this is you, consider using this opportunity to learn new skills, brush up key job skills, or just dive into a topic that's always interested you.

The spread of the coronavirus has contributed to increased interest in online education. In this blog, I’ll detail nine useful online courses you can take during the pandemic.

1. Java courses

Udemy offers a multitude of Java courses for beginners, intermediates or experts. You can determine the correct course for you by using their helpful filters. Their courses range from basic concepts to advanced Java topics such as Java Module System and more.

You can learn Java from experts who specialize in Java programming best practices. Online courses on Udemy are designed to make you ready for your future career as a Java developer. Once you complete any of their courses, you can pass the Java certification exam.

2. Business Spanish courses

MosaLingua makes it possible to effectively learn Business Spanish in limited time, even while cooking dinner or exercising. You can easily set up the app to the hands-free mode and master language skills that you can use at work.

Thanks to the MosaLingua’s methods, you can memorize a huge number of vocabulary words and everyday expressions at a fast pace. You can learn the correct Spanish pronunciation, record yourself and compare your recordings to an expert’s in your app. MosaLingua also helps you build skills like sending emails, making phone calls, giving presentations, marketing, finance, and many more.

The 10-minute daily practice helps you to keep progressing in your Business Spanish learning. Once you complete the course, you can get a MosaLingua certificate that verifies your skills and the progress you've made.

3. Business language training courses

Preply is a powerful online education platform that helps teams and organizations speak any language confidently with help from expert tutors from all over the world. You can easily find any tutor who meets your business needs, price, and expectations and start taking online lessons right away. Every tutor has the required qualifications and education to conduct a specific online course. Moreover, each online language course is conducted by professionals and native speakers.

Once you find a tutor you'll receive a detailed personalized study plan for you. That will help you arrange every step of your course along with your preferences and tutor’s suggestions. You can take online language lessons at the best time for your schedule. Preply allows you to easily evaluate and track your progress through placement tests and continuous progress tracking of your business language skills.

4. Online marketing courses

If you want to change or upgrade your qualification, you can easily take free online marketing courses ranging from marketing management to social media marketing on Alison. Anyone who accesses these lessons will discover how to capture a customer's attention and make them buy your services or products.

Just five hours of study time will help you get a quick boost in the marketing skill of your choice. In case you want to get a more in-depth study, you can find more detailed and insightful courses on Alison. After completion of any course, you'll receive Alison's certificate to prove your specific expertise in your niche.

5. Design successful online courses

Do you want to create amazing training courses on a limited budget? Your eLearning World will help you design custom training solutions and get learning experiences that attain content retention and on-the-job transfer. Their courses are designed for novice and experienced eLearning specialists and instructional designers.

6. Human resources courses

Coursera offers a powerful online course that helps you develop human resource management skills. It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to improve their recruiting and retention efforts. The course gives a good knowledge base and the factual basis for acquiring certain human resource management skills that allow you to skillfully hire employees, manage performance, and reward employees.

7. Instagram marketing courses

If you want to build brand loyalty and make money on Instagram, Skillshare offers a wide range of Instagram marketing courses. Each one of them helps you attract hyper-targeted followers, turn them into paying customers and develop trustful relationships with your followers. You'll also learn how to create shareable photos and add unique style to your account. The platform gives a free 14-day trial to unlimited classes.

8. Business analytics

Udacity provides a great opportunity to take online courses in business analytics. This course includes foundational data skills that apply to any industry. You'll learn to collect and analyze data, create business scenarios, and build useful data visualizations with Excel, SQL, and Tableau. Udacity provides real-world examples from industry experts and technical mentor support.

The best thing about this course is that you don’t need to have programming experience to start it. Thanks to its thoughtful and personal approach, you can easily build data dashboards and tell stories with data. Every step of your learning journey is put under control to improve your skills and ensure your success.

9. SEO link building course

If you want to build a successful link building program for your business, CXL Institute offers a great online course made by Irina Nica to develop the high-value skill of link building. This course is perfect for content marketers and those who want to boost rankings and improve their backlinks profile. You'll learn how to operate as a sophisticated marketer and advance your career for the best opportunities. After the course, you can earn a CXL certification to add to your resume and increase the chances of getting a well-deserved raise.

Bottom line

No matter what you decide to learn, continuing your education online while you stay at home can be a cost-effective way to advance your career. I hope taking any of the aforementioned online courses will help you pick up a new skill or upgrade your existing skills as you journey through the job market.

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