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How autonomous technology can streamline your business

Beer Singh

Updated: Dec 19, 2023 · 4 min read

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Autonomous technology has reached a point where it has become a practical part of our everyday lives. The world of business is no exception.

The likes of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) were once far-flung futuristic concepts—but now such concepts are a living, breathing reality that offer a wealth of potential to businesses across sectors.

Studies suggest, 83% of businesses believe that AI is a strategic priority. Plus, 31% of global marketing, creative, and IT professionals across the world are looking to invest in autonomous technology over the next year.

There are some sceptics who feel autonomous technology is going to replace humans in the workplace. But, with the ability to conduct a host of tasks with minimal human intervention, by embracing AI or ML the right way, it’s possible to enhance roles within the workplace rather than rendering them obsolete.

To demonstrate its unwavering potential, here we’re going to explore how you can use autonomous technology to streamline your business.

Customer service and experience

In today’s hyper-connected, tech-centric world, consumers are in the driving seat. To thrive as a business in the modern age, you must meet the demands of your customers head-on—and you must do so consistently. That said, offering a seamless level of customer service and experience will prove essential to your long-term commercial success.

But, with an ever-growing wealth of customer-facing channels and touchpoints to cover, how can you respond to continual waves of customer enquiries while keeping on track with other duties, strategies, and campaigns? One word: chatbots.

Chatbots reply to customer queries in a conversational human tone autonomously, and some can carry out practical tasks including reordering and replacing lost items, issuing refunds or making basic shopping suggestions.

Seven in 10 millennials have enjoyed positive Chatbot-related experiences. And, 90% of businesses that leverage chatbot technology have confirmed significant enhancements to their complaint resolution processes.

By automating parts of your customer service operations, you keep standards continually high while allowing more time for strategic service developments that will push you ahead of the pack. A clearcut case for chatbots.

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are two of the more vital areas of any modern business, regardless of industry or sector. As the digital age continues to evolve, the two departments are beginning to cross over, functionally and strategically.

With sales and marketing, it’s not only critical that you offer value-driven communications across a wealth of consumer channels and touchpoints, but you also focus on the user experience (UX). In fact, concerning UX, 94% of consumers will not trust an outdated or poorly designed website.

Now, when it comes to sales, marketing, and user experience, there are a host of tools and innovations you can use to streamline your processes. In doing so, you will boost productivity and catalyze your commercial success. To put this notion into perspective, here are facets of marketing, sales, and UX automation that you should explore:

  • Automated lead generation and nurturing technology
  • Social media-based scheduling and data analysis platforms
  • AI-driven sales assistants
  • Machine learning-powered A/B testing and engagement analysis platforms
  • Content marketing ideation software
  • Email marketing automation

Marketing and sales prioritize autonomous technologies more than any other department in the modern business age because it works. Now it’s your turn.

Time tracking and personnel management

Your employees are the lifeblood of your entire operation. But when you’re under pressure, personnel management, staff scheduling, and time tracking can become a real challenge. Cue automonous technology.

Autonomous innovations do exist to make these duties as swift, simple, and efficient as possible—empowering you to streamline your business for optimum commercial success. Moreover, the better you manage your staff, the more engaged they will be—this will work wonders for productivity levels.

From a savvy timesheet software solution to online scheduling platforms, and beyond, autonomous tech is transforming workplace management as we know it, streamlining a mix of essential employee-centric initiatives for maximum output and efficiency.

Right now, online scheduling software and timesheet management solutions help a number of overstretched businesses maintain a cohesive, communicative workforce while driving down inefficiencies that cost unnecessary time and money. These innovations also offer intuitive functionality that improves accuracy while cutting away time-consuming manual processes from the ever growing administrative to-do list.

Studies show that 64% of workers trust a robot over their manager! Perhaps it’s time to embrace autonomous technology.

The power of autonomous tech in the workplace is undeniable. Embrace it today and you’ll reap endless rewards tomorrow.

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