6 things you’ll miss if you don’t attend the Let’s Grow Summit

Caroline Burk

Updated: Dec 11, 2023 · 6 min read

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Do you want to take your business to the next level and be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and marketers? If you answered “yes,” mark your calendars for November 8 - 10 because you have been cordially invited to Keap’s Let’s Grow Summit.

This is your chance to lead the way, lean into change, and find recession-proof growth strategies that will scale your business to new heights. The Let’s Grow Summit is not only dedicated to bringing you information on all things marketing and sales, but also committed to inspiring and uplifting you by connecting you to fellow small business owners.

A healthy dose of fomo never hurt anyone, so if you’re not yet fully convinced on why you should attend, check out all the amazing things you could miss if you don’t (Spoiler alert: There are puppies involved).

#1 Learning opportunities to nurture your business

Keap’s number one priority is to empower and liberate you as an entrepreneur. That’s why we’ve secured some incredible speakers for you to learn from and be inspired by.

Discover how to grow a small business from leaders in the marketing industry, such as Aditi Sharma, Google’s Principal for Product Operations and Strategy. As the keynote speaker, Sharma will discuss the future of marketing for small businesses according to insights from Google. Other speakers you won't want to miss include Donald Miller, CEO at StoryBrand, Heidi Jannenga, Chief Clinical Officer at WebPT, and countless other industry experts dedicated to small business growth.

That’s not all; Keap experts will also be in attendance and holding breakout sessions to explore how to use Keap’s customer lifecycle automation for consistent results. Below are a few of the specific sessions you can expect:

  • Email Marketing Copy 101
  • How to build a landing page that converts
  • The Six Keys to Success: Lessons on leadership from Keap's CEO
  • InstaMastery: Harnessing the power of Instagram marketing
  • Tracking your financial health: Revenue visibility metrics for small businesses

After every session, you will leave more excited about what’s next for your business and better equipped to tackle your sales and marketing goals with reliable, proven strategies.

#2 Exploring Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Before you jump into learning from Let’s Grow Summit’s speakers, you first have to make your way to Arizona.

Let’s set the scene: You’ve just arrived in Phoenix. It’s a perfect 75 degrees, and you’re taking a moment to soak up some sunshine before stepping into the lobby of where you’ll be staying — the beautiful Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. Once settled in your room, you have a few hours to spare before the welcome mixer, so you take to the town. There are countless ways to pass time in Phoenix, from shopping to incredible coffee to some must-try foodie spots. The options are endless, but below are five of our favorites:

Bonus: they are within walking distance of your hotel.

#3 Making lasting connections with fellow entrepreneurs and marketers

When you’re not immersed in a class learning from influential speakers or taking in the downtown atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to mingle with brands and entrepreneurs from far and wide.

There will be booths for you to browse featuring cutting-edge technology companies that are there to serve you. Stop by to chat, learn about what they offer and discover how they can help your small business. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on the hottest tech and make strategic partnerships that will keep your business moving forward.

Along with meeting and mingling with brands, you can also do the same with your fellow entrepreneurs. After day one of the conference is complete, all attendees are invited to Vibes After 5 hosted by #yesphx where there will be food, fun and drinks to enjoy while overlooking downtown Phoenix. It will be a relaxed evening spent forming lasting connections, being inspired by the stories of other business owners and just having some fun!

#4 Jumpstarting your sales & marketing automation

If you attend the Let’s Grow Summit, it’s no secret you’ll be taking in tons of information about all things small business growth. So with all the new strategies you’ll be hearing about, we want to take some work off your plate by giving you a way to implement what you’ve learned. That’s why we will be providing Keap Korner where you can learn more about Keap and how to use it to its full potential from the experts themselves.

Keap Korner: During the conference, Keap experts will be available and at your service. Bring your questions, ideas, goals, and anything else you may want to discuss with Keap. You will meet the team face-to-face and get access to resources, programs and solutions that will help you execute what you’re learning and get your business growing in no time.

#5 Taking a break with fun experiences

It can’t be all work and no play, so we’ve built in some unique and useful ways for attendees to have fun and relax during free time.

  • Games
    Spend your downtime immersed in a game with your fellow conference-goers. We will have games set up around for you to jump into, including a giant chess set. What better way to network than to challenge another attendee to a chess duel?
  • Headshots
    Is your headshot from ages ago? Or worse, did you have a terrible haircut at the time and can’t stand to look at it another minute? If you need a headshot upgrade, we have you covered. Stop by the headshot station for a professional new photo that your LinkedIn network will be wowed by!

#6 Puppies!

The Let’s Grow Summit wouldn’t be complete without, you guessed it, PUPPIES. Sure, this could’ve been lumped in with the previous “fun experiences,” but puppies deserve their very own section — don’t you think?

Entrepreneurs and marketers often experience high amounts of stress as they tirelessly work on their small business growth, but as the best CRM for small businesses, it’s Keap’s job to remove that stress and give you your life back. That’s why we work to give you the best software on the market, but it’s also why we want to give you some time to relax and unwind with puppies from Almost There Rescue. Almost There is a dog rescue dedicated to saving pregnant or nursing dogs and their pups. They will be bringing puppies for you to pet, play with and even adopt right on site at the conference.

If this isn’t enough of a reason to book your flight and secure your spot to the Let’s Grow Summit right now, then we don’t know what is.

What are you waiting for?

With amazing keynote speakers to puppies and everything in between, Let’s Grow Summit has something for everyone.

At an event like this, you never know what connections you might make or what you may learn that could end up being exactly what you need to grow your small business and become the leader you always dreamed you’d be. We know you won’t regret attending, so don’t wait — take the leap and get your ticket to Keap’s Let’s Grow Summit today.

Don’t forget to also book your discounted hotel room at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown while there is still availability!

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